Easter Eggs in Kendrick Brothers Movies

One of the marks of a truly gifted movie maker is the inclusion of Easter eggs in their films.  For example, any consistent movie-goer knows about the vast collection of Pixar Easter eggs, namely those characters, symbols, objects, statements, words, sayings, etc. that are found discretely in multiple movies.  As far as Box Office Revolution can tell, this is a complete list of the Easter eggs found in Kendrick Brothers movies (it will be updated as more movies come out):


Albany Fire Department

  • In Courageous, the fire department where Caleb Holt and his team from Fireproof worked is shown in a drive-by.


Bobby Lee Duke

  • In War Room, Tony Jordan’s friend Michael, a paramedic, wears a shirt in one scene that states ‘Bobby Lee Duke Memorial Hospital’, the same name as the infamous outspoken coach of the Giants from Facing the Giants.


David Thompson

  • In War Room, following an intense run-in with a knife-wielding attempted thief, Miss Clara and Elizabeth Jordan are questioned by a police officer played by Ben Davies, who also played David Thompson, a police officer, in Courageous. It is possible that it is the same character.


Jay Austen Motors

  • In Facing the Giants, the truck that Matt Prater’s father secretly gave Coach Grant Taylor has a Jay Austen Motors license plate, a nod to the inaugural Kendrick film, Flywheel.
  • In Fireproof, Caleb Holt’s truck also comes from Jay Austen Motors.
  • In Courageous, Adam Mitchell owns a vehicle from the same dealership.
  • In War Room, Tony Jordan’s SUV also sports a Jay Austen license plate.
  • Thus far, the Jay Austen Motors license plate has appeared in every Kendrick Brothers movie.


Wrath of God

  • In War Room, Elizabeth Jordan asks her husband if he wants ‘Wrath of God’ hot sauce on his salad, a nod to a comedic hot sauce competition from Fireproof.

4 thoughts on “Easter Eggs in Kendrick Brothers Movies

  1. A flywheel is visible in the conference room at the pharmaceutical company in war room. In life mark, young Brian is wearing a Jay Austin Motors t-shirt while they were looking at potential adoptive parents letters.


  2. In facing the giants the man standing behind Grant’s former coach, when he says
    ” you gotta pass” is the same man who asks David’s father if he needs help when he says
    “I’m standing for my son”


  3. In Courage’s when Adam Mitchell is sitting on the couch listening to the news it talks about a little girl Lacey being in a house fire which was what happened in the movie Fireproof a house caught in fire and the little girl was apparently inside and he name was Lacey.


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