Alone Yet Not Alone (Movie Review)

Plot Summary

Recent immigrants from Germany to colonial America in order to find religious freedom, Barbara Leninger, her parents, and her siblings did not expect to come face to face with the violence between the Native Americans and the settlers.  In a shocking raid, Barbara and her sister Regina are separated from their mother after witnessing the deaths of their brother and father.  Barbara and Regina are forced to become Native American girls in every way, including attire and behavior.  They band together with other captive children, keeping each other morally afloat by singing the Leninger family hymn, Alone Yet Not Alone.  But when Barbara and Regina are separated, their true faith in God is tested to the limits as they risk their lives by attempting to escape in order to find each other again.

Production Quality (2 points)

For a first time filmmaker, Alone Yet Not Alone has above average production quality.  The camera work is good, as multiple complex action scenes are filmed relatively well.  The editing is okay, considering the large amount of content and the passage of time in this movie.  One drawback is that some of the makeup work and costuming show indie qualities, but this does not cause irreparable harm.  In short, this is a good start for production.

Plot and Storyline Quality (1.5 points)

This movie is based off of true events, so realism in the plot cannot be argued with.  There are realistic twists, turns, and disappointments throughout.  As previously mentioned, a lot of time is covered, and this is pulled off fairly well.  However, the characters are not developed as well as they should be as the dialogue is just average. Additionally, some cast members do not appear to be culturally authentic. Regardless, inaugural film projects should tend to be based on real events, and this criteria is met.

Acting Quality (1.5 points)

For a cast of allegedly inexperienced actors, there are not too many glaring errors.  Some movie-makers commit grave errors with casts of allegedly professional actors.  Sometimes it is difficult to cast multiple actors for the same character in a plot that requires age differences, but Alone Yet Not Alone does not make this a problem.  Some negative elements should be examined however, such as the poor acting of some of the supporting actors and the fact that not all of the Native American characters were played by true Native Americans.  Box Office Revolution realizes that it is difficult to acquire so many Native Americans for a movie, so this may be a moot point.  In summary, more is made out of this little-know cast than is made out of casts that are supposedly star-studded.


Alone Yet Not Alone is a good start for the team behind it; it is definitely something to build off of.  It contains a believable plot that can relate to most audiences, highlighting a little known historical period well.  In short, if more Christian movies were of this caliber instead of so many unwatchable movies in the Christian genre, the movement as a whole would have a greater reputation than it currently does.

Final Rating: 5 out of 10 points


3 thoughts on “Alone Yet Not Alone (Movie Review)

  1. Realism most certainly can be argued . Our entire history told by white people to fit their agenda like pitty and profit. Key word : “based” on a true story. “An American family “.

    Not only is it another movie portraying white people as the victims on land they stole violently through starvation, rape , torture & genocide and forced onto reservations; this is an inaccurate account only to justify its mistreatment of First Nations people.

    Our clothes are not costumes they are Regalia; this is Hollywood culturally appropriating us once again. Many of the actors weren’t even indigneous the attire was marginally inaccurate and the way were portrayed as people gravely incorrect.

    I would love to read from and portrayed from the indigneous tribes that were part of this “historical event” but then that would dispell the validity of the poor white American family’s just wanting “freedom” from their conized lifes in Europe at the expense of the First Nations People’s Freedom and extinction.

    On top of it all the acting was absolutely terrible.


  2. I personally liked Alone Yet Not Alone. When I first watched it I expected poor acting, camerawork, and plot-line, but was pleasantly surprised. In the last twenty or so minutes of the film, the hair and makeup of the main characters, especially Barbara, are too modern-looking for that era in time. The mother, however, is accurately portrayed, so that provides a nice balance. Thankfully these minor issues do not distract from the main point of the story.


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