Redeemed [2014] (Movie Review)

Plot Summary

Paul Tyson’s internet security business is successful, but his colleagues are calling for more.  A larger company wants to use his business’ skills and talents for their own purposes through a buyout deal.  In charge of the transition process is Julia, a seemingly desperate woman with a questionable agenda.  Distracted by Julia and the business deal, Paul continues to put off preparing for his pending vow renewal ceremony with Beth, his wife of many years.  In the end, Paul must grapple with what is really important in his life—business convenience or his marriage.


Production Quality (1 point)

In the past two years, PureFlix has improved somewhat in their production quality; some movies are better than others.  The camera work of Redeemed is fine, but the sets aren’t very diverse.  The editing is very poor, which is not something that should occur in a plot that is out of order like the plot of Redeemed is.  Scenes cut back and forth too fast, isolating the audience.  Overall, the final cut of Redeemed seems like a rough draft rather than a finished product.

Plot and Storyline Quality (.5 point)

Building a strong marriage is a very important topic to depict in a Christian movie, but Redeemed only further confuses and almost ruins it.  Along with the inappropriate and suggestive content throughout, all of the wrong elements are focused on.  Besides this, all of the characters are caricatures, built on cringe-worthy dialogue.  Julia is a ridiculous unintentional parody, as is Beth.  So much of the plot is full of wasted time, and some of the characters seem un-genuine.  None of them are believable.  In short, the only good thing here is the idea that was ruined.

Acting Quality (0 points)

This is perhaps one of the worst cast movies of all time.  Ted McGinley and Teri Copley are awkward in their roles as supposed parents of young children.  Kevin Downes’ character and acting are both grating.  Some of the characters that are intended to be Brazilian do not seem to fit the bill.  In other words, there are no positive elements here.


Tommy Blaze’s self-proclaimed expertise is comedy, so Redeemed is a departure for him.  Therefore, what unintentionally happened is that he ended up making a mockery of an otherwise important topic.  The idea behind this plot has potential, but this plot and this cast should have been thrown out in the early stages of production.  Box Office Revolution knows that PureFlix is no longer lacking in the funding department, but they are still not using money wisely.  Better luck next time.


Final Rating: 1.5 out of 10 points


One thought on “Redeemed [2014] (Movie Review)

  1. I thought what was said about marriage, infidelity, and enemy from within was excellent. There was a nice parallel between the CEO of the company struggling with the “sin enemy” from within himself and his computer security business struggling with an insider “enemy” from within in the company. The need to stop rationalizing sin and realize no one can stand against sin without God’s help was powerful. Sadly, other elements such as poor editing and some stereotype characters took away from the quality of the movie. In particular, there is a scene where Ms Santos walks into a lunch meeting in a Navy dress and then in the middle of the restaurant scene, her dress changes to a hot pink outfit! Also Beth’s character was very flat and a stereotype “house wife” character and the traitor in the tech company was a flat villian.
    Still worth a watch and helpful reminder that “if you think you are standing firm, be careful you don’t fall” and “if anyone looks lustfully at another, they have already committed adultery in their hearts”.


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