Never the Bride (Summer 2016?)


In Theaters Summer 2016?

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Writer(s): Cheryl McKay

Director(s): Susan Rohrer

Producer(s): Cheryl McKay, Susan Rohrer



Plot Synopsis:

Nearing her 35th birthday, hopeless romantic Jessie Stone is tired of always being the bridesmaid and never the bride. That is, until God steps in and offers to write Jessie’s love story for her on one non-negotiable condition: Jessie must surrender her pen, specifically the white-knuckled controls she maintains on her dismal love life, to a God she didn’t much believe in much less trust with choices this close to her heart.


3 thoughts on “Never the Bride (Summer 2016?)

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  1. Wasn’t this movie based off of a Rene Gutteridge book? If so, I always thought that book would make for a weird movie in the hands of the wrong filmmakers. The book itself has an unusual and sometimes jumpy plot, so I can see why this movie failed.


  2. It should be noted that this movie has been in the works for quite some time. It was expected to be released this past Valentine’s Day, and it may still be rushed for Valentines 2016, but I would be surprised. I would not be surprised if it was pushed to Valentines 2017. We will keep you updated when we hear more! 🙂


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