The Seventh Year (2016)


Coming in 2016

Website Link


Writer(s): Joe Atkinson, Chip Rossetti

Director(s): Chip Rossetti


Starring: Cindy Morgan, Kane Hodder, Omar Gooding, Michael Joiner


Plot Synopsis:

It’s the end of the Tribulation period. The Seventh Year. The Anti-Christ has reigned on the earth for the last three and a half years. The Biblical Daughter of Babylon, the United States, is in a state of destruction. The Anti-Christ has set his sights on eliminating the last of the true believers, but all across the country are small sects of believers clinging to their faith and their belief in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

6 strangers, Mitch Ruffing, Molly Tate, AJ Merritt, Wanda Platt and Miko and James Vann come together to elude the Army of “The Hunter”, the Anti-Christ’s lead henchman. Narrowly escaping time and again, these six will have to rely on their faith and each other to survive the final days. Little do they know that one among them holds a secret that they will have to fight to defend.

The Anti-Christ and “The Hunter” will never stop searching for them, and they will never stop running, until the TRUE end of times comes. That won’t be until the end of…

Rossetti Productions is excited to announce the movie, The Seventh Year, slated for release in 2016.


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