Jerusalem Countdown: A Prelude to Armageddon (Movie Review)

Plot Summary

Nuclear weapons have been smuggled into America, and FBI agent Shane Daughtry and his team have been ordered to find them before they are detonated.  They must reluctantly collaborate with an old weapons dealer, a corrupt CIA director, and an ex-Muslim spy in order to find the dangerous contraband before America and Israel are blown off the map.  Little do they know is that their true hope lies in a Jewish researcher who has come by valuable information about his mysterious next door neighbor.


Production Quality (.5 point)

The good video quality is the only positive element to mention.  Otherwise, this movie is barely watchable.  The cheap action scenes are unbearable and poorly executed.  The camera angles are below par and the musical score is what one can expect from such a film as this.  The editing is as maddening as the jumpy action sequences.  CGI and special effects are very C-grade.  Nothing can compare with the incessant John Hagee product placements as the audience is spoon-fed his controversial views on eschatology and international politics.  Unfortunately, the negativity doesn’t end here.

Plot and Storyline Quality (0 points)

It doesn’t really seem like David A. R. White and company really did any research on the inner workings of government organizations or the true nature of terrorists when they were planning this movie.  The way that the plot unfolds is so unrealistic that it feels like a comic book.  Leaps in logic and plot holes litter the landscape.  The ways that the characters proceed forward with ‘leads’ is absurd.  Searching the internet for ‘Iran Shipping Ltd’ and then snooping around in a house they own to see whether or not they have nuclear weapons probably takes the cake, but it’s not to be topped by a librarian assisting FBI agents in a confidential case.  Every character is a ridiculous caricature and not believable.  The only consolation is that this is an apocalyptic plot that doesn’t take place on an airplane, but that’s not saying much.

Acting Quality (0 points)

We are convinced that PureFlix believes that if you have enough action scenes in a movie, you don’t need to coach the actors.  Such is the case in Jerusalem Countdown.  The delivery of lines is lackadaisical and emotions are lackluster.  So-called interrogation scenes are forced and awkward.  In short, there is little to nothing good to say about this film.


Is this movie supposed to have a sequel?  We certainly hope not, but ending the movie the way it does suggests that this film was only created to push John Hagee’s unusual worldview.  Movies in the action adventure, suspense, and apocalyptic genres can be used to reach audiences outside of the church, but when films like Jerusalem Countdown crowd out the field and water it down.  The next time an unbeliever hears about a Christian action film, they may only think of movies like this one and roll their eyes, as we do.  We implore Christian film-makers everywhere to learn from the mistakes of movies such as this one and not repeat them.


Final Rating: 1 out of 10 points



15 thoughts on “Jerusalem Countdown: A Prelude to Armageddon (Movie Review)

  1. I actually thought it was pretty well done for a B class Christian film and have to disagree. Maybe it’s because I enjoy cheesy movies and don’t think there are enough about the rapture and end times, but I would really like there to be a sequel. I just gotta find it haha.


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  3. Seems like the critic and commenters on here are just full of hate because it’s a Christian movie. I’m glad I’m not so angry.


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  9. I think this website is extremely biased. it sounds to me like you just bash every single movie. I was a United States Marine and yes while some of the stuff in this movie was a little far-fetched there was Quite a bit of realism from a tactical standpoint. And I personally think the acting was pretty good I mean you’re a critic but obviously you can’t act or you wouldn’t be riding and you would be acting…and honestly the writing isn’t even that good.


    • Thank you for sharing your opinion! Also, thank you for your service to our country! 😀 As we have said in reviews, we definitely do not like bashing Christian film, but we have found so many low-quality films on the market that we cannot sugarcoat the problem. We don’t always do it perfectly, so it’s great to have a second opinion like yours to find some positive aspects. We hope one day that Christian films will have many positive qualities so we do not have to write these sorts of reviews anymore. God bless!

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  11. Yet another overly sensational end-times film starring David A.R. White and Randy Travis. You just can’t beat Mr. White pretending to talk on the phone, the extremely obvious “bad Arabic guy” who is “probably one of those bad Muslims”. Randy Travis tries much to hard to be an intimidating “bad guy” character. And we can’t forget Carey Scott’s funny scenes, featuring “I lost my imaginary dog he’s probably in your backyard see here’s his harness”. Not to be confused with “Well that didn’t work I guess I’ll hire a locksmith, break into their house, and spend the next several scenes snooping, frantically talking on the phone, and having a mental breakdown in the closet.” Oh, and we can’t forget Lee Majors playing a paranoid old man who is eliminated as a character in nearly the same scene that he is introduced.


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