PureFlix Goes to Court (Updated)

According to multiple sources, Michael Landon Jr. and co-writer Kelly Monore Kullberg are suing David A. R. White and PureFlix, citing large similarities between their film Rise and the PureFlix film God’s Not Dead. Since God’s Not Dead has grossed over $100 million worldwide, Landon Jr. and Kullberg want $100 million in damages for White and company stealing their plot structure and movie idea and using it for their own good.

We’ve never seen the film Rise, so we cannot comment on the similarities, but if this is true, this is a huge setback for the Whites and PureFlix. Even if this comes to nothing, it should be a huge wakeup call for them to create original content and to avoid shady notions. It would be a blow to Christian movie marketing if PureFlix loses this full amount, since they have proven themselves to be effective in marketing Christian films. Yet it would also not be surprising to find that the Whites have been doing funny business all along. These are the kinds of things that can majorly hurt the image of Christian movies even further.

As for the plaintiffs…both of them claim to be Christians and Kullberg is an outspoken atheist convert to Christianity. Landon Jr. has multiple deals with Hallmark to generate his creative content. We can understand their frustration over a stolen idea, but the Bible does warn Christians not to sue other Christians (1 Corinthians 6:1-8). We in no way are ready to defend PureFlix of wrongdoing, but Landon Jr. and Kullberg need to tread very carefully and determine what kind of image this gives to the Christian entertainment world. Satan would like nothing better than to destroy and divide the progress being made in Christian film making.

UPDATE: According to our research, it looks like the movie ‘Rise’ never even made it to production. Instead, the plaintiffs claim that they know their idea was copied because they shared their almost-movie idea with people close to PureFlix while God’s Not Dead was being created. This may or may not strengthen their case, especially if they can prove that they definitely shared the idea with PureFlix while the movie in question was still being written and that they were not compensated for sharing their idea. Of course, they will also have to show that they have exclusive creative control over that movie concept and that their original idea was explicitly copied by PureFlix.

4 thoughts on “PureFlix Goes to Court (Updated)

  1. If one reads the bible…one would already know that we have the words of it etched in our minds already…Christians already know how to translate the messages of God….. as far as suing…i think that is a mistake…the main reason to have great motivators such as Christian movies is to treat one and other with respect and love…perhaps Pureflix and Michael can get together and make a pact to improve incredible ideas they each have…i loved Michael Landon’s sr…movies and series…watched them all….and was so sad to see he passed so young…the torch is now handed to you jr…show you dad you are the man who will do the right thing…as he seemed to always do in his series and movies…ok….love you…j


  2. Personally, I am ashamed this has even come to pass. If we want to get right down to it, then the ‘idea’ belongs to God in the first place. God calls us all to go out into the world to teach the good news. So, in my opinion, it doesn’t really matter who did or said what first. As it is the spreading of the Word of God that matters. If this lawsuit is still ongoing, then they should end it. No one own’s a copyright on sharing the word of God. Let God’s will be done and stop fighting amongst one another.


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