Coming Thanksgiving 2018



Writer(s): Jenn Gotzon Chandler, Jim E. Chandler, Leo Partible, Billy Falcon, Reuben Evans, James M. De Vince

Director(s): Cristobal Krusen, Anthony Hackett

Producer(s): Jenn Gotzon Chandler, Jim E. Chandler, Isaac Hernandez, Joel Bunkowske, George D. Escobar, Keith Rostalski

Starring: Jenn Gotzon, Mark Ashworth, Jim E. Chandler, Henry Cho, Jim O’Connors, Alicia Minshew, Patricia Mauceri, Richard Swingle, Wes Llewellyn, Amanda Llewellyn, Lily Buchanan 


Plot Synopsis:

Days before Thanksgiving during a fashion shoot, NYC Supermodel Belle Winters (and a horse) in pink pajamas gets dumped publicly by her Latin popstar fiancé on ERN Gossip News. Flooded by flashbulbs, the blonde beauty flees the biting press to hide where no one could imaginably find her (not even her agent)… the deep south with a pig secret.

In this classic Christmas comedy movie, Belle finds herself a fish-out-of-water, with her broken down Lamborghini, high fashion iconic clothing and an allergy to manual labor. Not to mention, the farmer’s pumpkin’licious six year old daughter waking her up before the rooster crows… to chase chickens. Belle is forced to stay Thanksgiving through Christmas season, in what resembles the backdrop of the nursery rhyme, The Farmer in the Dell, finding real love.

“The Farmer and The Belle” is a feel good Christmas comedy movie creating family tradition every Thanksgiving through Christmas season. Caught up in the hilaria of never-seen-before farm festivities, pearls of wisdom are the best gift given. Reuniting with Josh Carpenter, the farmer from the dell, Belle learns real love does not come from Facebook, but the real love of God. Thinking of things worthy of thanksgiving is best for treating mental tornadoes, and beauty does not come from the glitz of a magazine cover.

Right when Belle’s big secret is revealed, all havoc breaks loose: pigs, paparazzi and surprise comedic guest appearances creating one memorable Christmas Fair no one is gonna wanna miss.

With laughter and fun, will Belle Winters ever find real love?