Bringing Francine Rivers to the Big Screen: An Introduction

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Francine Rivers is, in my opinion, the greatest undiscovered Christian author to this day. She writes with a depth of emotion that has yet to be replicated in the world of Christian fiction. Rivers is a prime example of someone who is doing exactly what we believe God wants her to do, making a difference through writing. Here at Box Office Revolution we believe that it is time for someone to discover her books, and bring them to the big screen. Her most popular series is probably the Mark of the Lion Trilogy; a powerful epic series following the lives of a devout Christian Jewess, an arrogant young Roman and his family, an iron-willed Germanic chief, and many other characters who make this incredible work of fiction what it is. To see this trilogy come to life as film series would be amazing. The vast amount of content found in the three books (A Voice in the Wind, An Echo in the Darkness, and As Sure as The Dawn), would best be portrayed in a epic miniseries. Truly meaningful miniseries are few and far between. The famous Anne of Green Gables miniseries is a prime example of how staying mostly true to the novels and hiring professional cast members goes a long way towards making quality productions. Some may say that it is impossible to replicate such brilliance, as one would have to find a director and screenwriter who could pull off the same level of plot and production quality found in movies like Risen, and still remain true to original content. Not to mention the amount of quality actors and actresses that would have to be acquired, and the significant amount of time that would be dedicated to such a work of art. Then again, wouldn’t the time and money spent on making something unforgettable be worth it? Instead of wasting resources on yet another forgettable Christian movie, someone should focus on the materials already available: the vastly untapped world of Christian fiction.

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