The Mark of the Lion Miniseries: A Summary


A Voice in the Wind is the epic first novel in Francine River’s The Mark of the Lion Trilogy, this book covers topics such as starvation, slavery, captivity, persecution, a forbidden romance, family relationships, arranged marriages, secrets, sinful lifestyles, and deception. The beginning scene features a young girl and her starving family who are hiding in their home from the siege overtaking their homeland. One by one they die from starvation or cruelty, all except for Hadassah, who is captured and taken to Rome as a slave. She is purchased by a rich and influential family as a personal maid for their spoiled teenage daughter Julia, who cares for nothing but amusing herself. Hadassah begins to fall in love with Julia’s older brother Marcus, however, she is ashamed of her feelings for him, as he is not a Christian. The story begins to weave together the lives of the Valerians with Hadassah’s, creating a strong foundation for future installments in the series. The plot also introduces us to the third main character, Atretes, a young German chieftan who is captured by the Romans and put into service as a gladiator. Atretes hates his circumstances and makes sure that everyone around him is as miserable as he is. Eventually he decides that the only way out of the arena is to try to earn his freedom. A Voice in the Wind closes on a note of suspense, leaving Hadassah lying near death in the same arena where much of the novel occurs. How did she get there? You’ll have to read the book to find out.:) A Voice in the Wind gives a gritty and correct portrayal of Roman life, which featured all the pleasures the world could offer, and seemingly none of the consequences. This novel would serve as the perfect beginning for an epic Bible miniseries, if done correctly.


The second epic novel in this miniseries is titled An Echo in the Darkness, this book deals with subjects such as sickness, near-death experiences, sacrifice, bitterness, the consequences of sin, love, salvation, and the healing power of God. The opening scene of An Echo in the Darkness features a young physician named Alexander who has been assigned to preform examinations on the dead and dying captives who come through the arena. His first subject happens to be Hadassah, who has been torn nearly to pieces by the lions. He debates whether or not to let her die or try to save her, in the end, compassion wins out, and God uses him to save her life.  They become friends, and she decides to remain in his home/treatment center as his personal assistant/nurse. Alexander soon discovers that God has given Hadassah the power to heal others through prayer. This fact not only brings him more business, but notoriety. Meanwhile, Marcus, who witnessed Hadassah’s apparent death in the arena, tries to comfort himself by traveling to her homeland and learning of her God. There is only one problem, he finds that this brings him no comfort or closure, only more grief. Julia, Hadassah’s former mistress, is reaping the consequences of living an immoral lifestyle. Eventually she and Hadassah’s paths cross again, and Hadassah becomes her servant for the second time, however, Julia does not recognize her identity, as Hadassah wears veils to conceal her scars. Atretes is more of a background character in this novel, as only one thing changes in his life. An Echo in the Darkness ends on a bittersweet note. What happens? You’ll have to read the book to find out.:)


The third and final novel, As Sure as the Dawn, focuses entirely on Atretes. This book deals with subjects such as spiritual warfare, family relationships, sacrificial love, war, peace, suffering, salvation, turmoil, reconciliation, and the mercy of God. The content of this novel is best left for the reader to decipher for themselves, as it deals with many topics that some may not feel comfortable with. In my opinion, As Sure is the Dawn is a powerful book, and probably one of the best novels on spiritual warfare that I have ever read. The biggest difficulty that someone would have while making this miniseries would be finding exceptional cast members to play the various main characters and background roles. If someone does decide to undertake this challenging project, and we certainly hope that they do, they would have to be prepared to dedicate at least a year to each installment of the series. This is the only way to ensure that quality, rather than quantity, is achieved. God has given Francine Rivers an amazing gift, and we here at Box Office Revolutionary believe that it is a gift that needs to be shared with the world.



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  1. Love this series. I’m a new author whose writing style has been heavily influenced by Francine Rivers and Ted Dekker. Praying for the success of my soon to be released novel: Twiceborn

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