Heaven Bound [2016] (Movie Review)

Plot Summary

Ted is a successful dog food marketer until one fateful day when he accidentally kills his company’s iconic mascot and becomes the town laughingstock.  Underemployed and in debt, Ted and his wife Josie are doing their best to make ends meet, but it’s not enough.  Josie is unhappy, so she concocts a plan to swipe her elderly boss’ valuables in order to pay their debts.  Accompanied by her lazy little brother, Ted and Josie attempt to pull off a caper but soon find that their intended victim has more in store for them than they thought.


Production Quality (3 points)

Heaven Bound is a measuring rod for films with limited sets.  It uses each location to its fullest potential through effective and witty camera work and crisp video quality.  Audio quality is also exquisite, including a memorable original soundtrack.  The editing is highly effective in driving the comedy home.  In short, there are no production errors, thus giving this area a perfect score.  Adam Drake and Torry Martin show true talent with productions and great potential for the future.

Plot and Storyline Quality (1.5 points)

You can always count on Marshal Younger, Torry Martin, and Rene Gutteridge to deliver an eccentrically funny storyline filled with true comedy.  This plot is a masterful mix of humor and meaning.  They demonstrate how to write a plot with only a handful of characters: though they are few in number, each character is very deep and believable.  The biggest drawback to raise here is that the plot is mostly formulaic and predictable, but it is still highly enjoyable.  This team took the storyline to its fullest potential, and that’s all we ever want to see.  They have true talent and should be utilized in more movies in the future.

Acting Quality (3 points)

Though a small cast, this group carries the film well with highly professional acting.  Each character is cast appropriately and delivers their lines effectively.  A wide range of believable emotions are also displayed.  With no errors, this is a job well done.


With Drake and Martin handling production and Younger, Martin, and Gutteridge handling the writing, Heaven Bound is a true work of art—a lethal combination of comic genius, thus warranting a spot on the Hall of Fame.  This film had a limited budget—imagine what they could do with more resources!  This team has true talent and they will be getting bigger and better as time goes on; we can’t wait to see what they have planned next.  In the meantime, Heaven Bound is definitely a movie you want to make time to see.


Final Rating: 7.5 out of 10 points


Full disclosure: We were provided by the creator with a copy of this film in exchange for a fair and honest review

5 thoughts on “Heaven Bound [2016] (Movie Review)

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  4. When you first start watching this film, you don’t exactly know what to expect, as the beginning sequence seems interesting, but eccentric. However, as the brilliantly simple plot continues to unfold, one finds themselves caught up in the characters struggles and weaknesses. Heaven Bound wins the medal for being both truly funny…and sincerely memorable. The writers seem to have taken their queue from the Kendrick brothers, as they perfectly balance lightheartedness with meaningful moments. The combination of Torry Martin and Rene Gutteridge makes for a hilariously dynamic duo that could revolutionize the genre of Christian comedy. In short, Heaven Bound is a must see, this is a film that I would watch again, and again. It puts everyone else’s (minus Mom’s Night Out) attempt at comedic Christian films to shame. I consider Heaven Bound a prime example of why Christian authors should be more involved in inspirational/Christian film making.

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  5. This film gets many things right that most other Christian movies get wrong. A lot of Christian wannabe filmmakers have tried a plot like this. Pureflix has especially been a serial offender in the family comedy category. I can almost picture what this film would have turned out like in their hands. It would have been a shallow premise filled with unfunny jokes, narration, and a terrible soundtrack starring David A. R. White as both Ted and Doc with Tommy Blaze as the dog. This movie is actually available on Pureflix on demand, make sure you watch it after you have finished with some of their other nonsense.

    Heaven Bound avoids all of these typical pitfalls and delivers and movie that is both silly and serious. The jokes are mostly funny and avoid getting too ridiculous while there are truly meaningful moments as well. Besides the comedy this movie handles marriage and relationship issues extremely well and builds a great backstory for one of the main characters. There are many non comedic movies that do a worse job in this category.

    It’s no coincidence that this movie calls out and pokes fun at several other Christian films. This one is truly better than most in that genre. If more Christian filmmakers were committed to the great character development and original premises shown off in this film the Hall of Fame list would be much longer.

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