Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (pre-production)



Being filmed late 2017



Writer(s): Nicolas DiBella, Paul Root,

Director(s): Nicolas DiBella,

Producer(s): Nicolas DiBella, Marc Wax, James Pavone



Plot Synopsis:

Based on a true story that took place during the late-1960s, five young men studying to become priests were among the first seminarians in the country to be taken out of an all-male Catholic seminary and placed in an experimental program on the grounds of a co-ed university. Inspired by one of their teachers to break away from the confines the administration imposes on them, the five start broadening their experiences and bringing about positive change to themselves and others.

Their missionary zeal takes them to help migrant workers in farm camps, to anti-war rallies, and ultimately to covertly starting a home in the inner-city for the troubled youth of the area – all unbeknownst to their seminary leaders.

In defiance of church rules and numerous municipal ordinances, they are guided by what they believe in their hearts to be the moral imperative. They clash with their superiors and dangerous elements on the street that don’t appreciate the friends setting up shop in the middle of their territory. And all comes to a climactic breaking point when they set out to save the life of a young runaway who has fallen through the cracks of society and the church.

This powerful story of young men trying to lead purposeful lives in the midst of social chaos and personal change is a timeless one that reflects the era it is set in as well as our current time. It is a journey of triumphs and pitfalls that will touch the minds and hearts of those who have walked most of their own path and those just starting out on theirs.

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