Pure (pre-production)


Beginning filming in 2018



Writer(s): Nicolas DiBella,

Director(s): Nicolas DiBella,

Producer(s): Nicolas DiBella, James Pavone, Marc Wax



Plot Synopsis:

PURE is an inspirational drama about a young boy named Denim who finds refuge from the desolation and urban blight of his own neighborhood at a public golf course. Initially, Denim is simply attracted to the peaceful landscape of the course: its lush fairways, soothing streams, and beautiful greens – it offers to him an escape from the harsh realities of the violent streets teeming around it. But soon he becomes drawn to the game and trades a collection of lost golf balls that he’s found in the woods for a bag of old clubs. He makes a deal with the manager of the course, an aspiring pro named Casey, to play and practice during off hours. At first Casey looks at the young man as an annoyance, but one afternoon when Casey spots Denim putting on the practice green, he sees that the natural stroke that Denim exhibits is outstanding. Any putt within 10 feet the young boy can make.

Casey, who has never lived up to his once great potential, knows that Denim is an absolute diamond in the rough and takes the boy under his wing. But Casey soon learns that Denim’s life is complex and dangerous as he lives in a parentless home with an older brother named Xavian who is deeply involved in gang life. When Xavian hears his younger brother is under the tutelage of a golf instructor, he thinks there must be some kind of angle. He views everything through a lens of mistrust and suspicion. And soon Denim finds himself caught between two different worlds and conflicting loyalties. While he craves the chance for a new life and the opportunities that golf could open up for him, he doesn’t want to desert the family and friends and identity that are so integral to his make-up.

As Casey begins to guide young Denim towards achievements in golf, there is a clash of cultures and worlds. Denim finds himself caught up in conflicts that are much bigger than a young boy who only wants to succeed for himself and his family. In light of the current social unrest and racial divide in America, PURE is a timely tale with a timeless message. Anyone interested in growing the appeal of the magical game of golf, or reaching youth through a powerful narrative, will undoubtedly find its themes of mentorship, respect for diversity, and transcendence through discipline ringing true throughout a compelling story of hope and redemption.


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