Angela Elwell Hunt: The Fine Art of Insincerity

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Angela E. Hunt is one of the greatest writers of Christian fiction on the market today. There is  no denying that she brings one the most unique, and humorous perspectives to the world of Christian fiction. Hunt has written a wide variety of books on nearly every topic you can imagine, and has something for every reader, no matter what style of writing they enjoy. I have always appreciated that she is not afraid to let her personality shine through her novels. It adds an unexplainable amount of depth to a book when the author is not afraid to add his or her own opinions and flavors. One of Hunt’s most well loved novels is titled The Fine Art of Insincerity; if this title does not give you a glimpse of her rather sarcastic humor, I don’t know what will. The Fine Art of Insincerity is a landmark novel that combines both humor and the reality of human weaknesses to create an amazing read that you will never forget. I would love to see this novel hit the big screen as a Christian movie, as I believe it would be an unforgettable real life drama that would impact the lives of many. This novel deals with subjects such as family tension, generational traits, worldly pleasures, suicide attempts, abortion, pain, loss, secrets, suffering, sisterly interaction, forgiveness, and God’s mercy and love. The opening chapter introduces the reader to the three main characters; three estranged sisters who have been forced to meet, as their deceased grandmother’s house has finally sold. They decide to make it a long weekend and clean out all of the clutter in preparation for the new owners. While they are there they find many nostalgic items that remind them of their grandmother’s life….and secrets that they never knew existed. Ginger, the eldest sister, takes pride in the fact that she, unlike her two younger sisters, has kept the same husband over the years. Yet, little does Ginger know that her pride will turn to devastation in the very near future…. Annoyed at the lackadaisical attitude on behalf of her two younger sisters, Ginger steps in a dictates her plans for the weekend. However, these plans only cause turmoil, as it is not long before Ginger and Penny are arguing over keepsakes. Rose, on the other hand, seems depressed and distant, not interested in any of the activities, and seemingly content to expend the least effort possible. Ginger and Penny will be shocked to learn of their younger sister’s plans for the following day. The weekend as a whole will cause the sisters to learn many shocking truths about themselves, and their grandmother’s life. As a result, their outlook on the world will forever be changed. What dark secret is Rose hiding? What storm is Ginger about to face? Will Penny ever settle down and take responsibility for her decisions? To answer these questions, read the book! I would love to see this movie hit the big screen as an inspirational/Christian drama film, as I believe it would revolutionize the Christian drama genre. You can look forward to more book reviews on Angela E. Hunt’s novels in the future, as she is one of my favorite authors.;)


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