Angela Elwell Hunt: The Silver Sword

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It has been established that Angela Elwell Hunt is one of the most influential and brilliant writers in the world of Christian fiction. When one examines her widely read and esteemed selection of novels, they have no choice but to conclude that she is a talented author who is using her gift to spread the Gospel worldwide. One of her best and probably one of her most obscure series is titled the Heirs of Cahira O’Connor This four-part series has an epic beginning and a strong, while somewhat nostalgic ending. These features alone would make it an amazing candidate for either a four part movie series or a Christian themed miniseries. Interestingly enough the namesake of the series does not make an appearance until the final novel. The first book is titled The Silver Sword, a simple title, yet with so much intrigue. This book deals with subjects such as the forbidden education of women, the Catholic church, Protestantism, secrecy, disguise, conflict, combat, courage, love, and sacrifice. The Silver Sword opens by introducing the reader to a young woman named Kathleen O’Connor. Kathleen has recently learned that she could be related to the fabled O’Connor women who made an impact on the world with their lives. The distinguishing mark of this clan is a white streak through the hair of those most closely related to the original O’Connors. Kathleen herself bears this mark, and has long wondered why, and how it came to be. She decides, at the request of her professor friend, to do further research on the subject of her roots. She discovers three O’Connor women who were famous in history for their feats, one of them was a young woman named Anika who lived in medieval Prague, and longed for something more than what was expected of women in this era. Kathleen is able to put aside her skepticism and becomes interested in this woman who impacted her country in a huge way. Anika O’Connor and her father live in and run a local book shop. Anika’s father has illegally educated her far beyond the allotment for women in the era. This fact has remained successfully hidden from the iron-fisted Catholic church in their village. However, this is not the only secret that Anika and her father are hiding, they are illegally translating the Bible for a local Protestant pastor. Anika’s father is eventually discovered and killed for his treason. Spurred on by this tragic occurrence, Anika decides to disguise herself as a man and take a position as the understudy of a legendary knight who lives in the King’s castle. This disguise, for various reasons, proves to be difficult to uphold, and many times she risks being discovered and killed for her impersonation. Will Anika be discovered? What is her destiny? Will she live to share her faith with others? To discover the answers to these questions, read the book!:) We here at Box Office Revolution believe that there should be a new era of Christian movies that include miniseries, as many prominent Christian authors have whole book series that need to be brought to attention on the big screen. In short, Christian movie makers looking for variety should look no further than Christian novels for inspiration!


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