Angela Elwell Hunt: The Golden Cross

Image result for the golden cross angela elwell hunt

The Golden Cross is the second installment of Angela E. Hunt’s famous four-part series; The Heirs of Cahira O’Connor. The Golden Cross deals with subjects such as, the consequences of sin, world travel, second chances, secrets, suspicion, love, and sacrifice. Similar to the first novel, this one begins with Kathleen O’Connor, an English major who is curious to discover more about the famous women in her lineage. All of the women Kathleen will discover fulfilled Cahira O’Connor’s prayer that bright stars would break forth from the course to which they were bound. This time, Kathleen looks into the story of Aidan O’Connor, a young Dutch woman who was raised on the tumultuous shoreline of Java, Indonesia. Growing up among prostitutes and criminals has made a difficult life for Aidan, and she has always longed for something more than the lot she has been dealt. Aidan’s secret talent is art; a hobby that she excels in. When a local professional artist happens by her little corner of the world, she takes advantage of his presence to show off her skills. The artist is surprised to find that Aidan is, indeed, talented. He takes her into his home, much to his grown children’s chagrin, and plans to take her on a world voyage with him; as an understudy. However, there is one problem….young women are not allowed on board ship. So, he disguises Aidan as a boy and they embark on a great journey. Along the way Aidan will discover the wonders of God’s creation and find an unconditional love she never knew existed. Will Aidan be discovered? What wonders and or dangers await her in the great unknown? Most importantly, will Aidan recognize that the love she has been searching for can only come from God? To answer these questions, read the book!:) We here at Box Office Revolution believe that The Golden Cross would make for a great second installment in a Christian themed miniseries starring the Cahira O’Connor book series.


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