God’s Not Dead 3: A Light in Darkness (March 2018)


In Theaters March 30, 2018


Writer(s): Michael Mason, Howard Klausner

Director(s): Michael Mason

Producer(s): Dan Campbell, Ian Campbell, Alysoun Wolfe, Britanny Yost

Starring: David A. R. White, Benjamin A. Onyango, Shane Harper, Ted McGinley, John Corbett, Jennifer Taylor, Tatum O’Neal, Anne Leighton, Barry Clifton, David Maldonado, Cissy Houston, Buddy Campbell, Kay Smith, Rhonda Johnson Dents


Plot Synopsis:

Pastor Dave responds to the unimaginable tragedy of having his church, located on the grounds of the local university, burned down.


8 thoughts on “God’s Not Dead 3: A Light in Darkness (March 2018)

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  1. I’m torn on what to think about GND3. On one hand it looks darker and more interesting than the last two films (considering the other two films, that’s not an accomplishment). On the other hand, it also looks stranger and more nonsensical. And why does PureFlix STILL insist on these “persecution” plots in 2018? (And why do they ignore what’s going on in the middle east for that matter?). Perhaps the most decisive problem is that everyone at my church thinks its the next great christian film, and anyone who says differently is “worldly” (perhaps the lamest insult in history). Who knows? It might actually be good.

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    1. I completely agree. We need plots that are based in reality that challenge Christians to live differently, not more us vs them nonsense. However, I also agree that this trailer seems different than the other two installments…we’ll see how it pans out.


  2. You are wrong about the writers. You are wrong about the directors. You’re wrong about the producers, the cast and the plot. You might even be wrong about the Newsboys. I really hope you don’t see this movie because it will make your head explode and I can’t have that on my resume.


  3. I’ve long thought that if Pure Flix has any cojones, they will make GND3 focus on Martin’s return to China as a pastor. That would be a gutsy thing, especially considering that they’re trying to branch out internationally.

    But you’re probably right – it’ll be Pastor Dave Goes To Jail.


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