Coming to theaters Fall 2017


Producer(s): Dave Powers, Stephan Schultze

Director(s): Scotty Curlee, Stephan Schultze

Writer(s): Scotty Curlee, Cheryl McKay

Starring: Karen Abercrombie, Shari Rigby, Leland Klassen, Kirk Cameron, Lindsley Register, Ashley Bratcher, Chris Ashworth, Taylor Lyons, Alex Miller, Alex Bartz, Cameron Arnett, Jack Champion, Jamie Ridgeway, Genine Ware


Plot Synopsis:

David Horton is deeply committed to running America’s hardest runs, including the Appalachian Trail and the Trans-America Footrace. He pushes himself to the point of injury and exhaustion to do so. However, his commitment to running eats away at his commitment to his wife, Nancy. Not only does David’s body suffer physically, but his marriage and Nancy’s emotions suffer as well. Through medical problems and long separations, David and Nancy must navigate life together and learn to become the marriage partners God intends them to be.