Angela Elwell Hunt: The Emerald Isle

Image result for the emerald isle angela elwell hunt

The Emerald Isle is the final installment in Angela E. Hunt’s The Heirs of Cahira O’Connor series. Throughout the series a young woman named Kathleen O’Connor has been researching the lives of her famous ancestors, and discovering their incredible stories of bravado. After looking into the lives of Anika, Aidan, and Flanna O’Connor, Kathleen finally decides to research the ancestor who started the legacy of the O’Connor women. The Emerald Isle deals with subjects such as sacrificial love, discovery, friendships, sadness, broken families, healing, love, forgiveness, reconciliation, and God’s grace. The novel opens with Kathleen meeting her best friend Taylor at a local restaurant, she expects this encounter to be a typical, enjoyable lunch filled with playful banter and long conversation. However, she is shocked to discover that Taylor has invited her to lunch only to inform her that he is getting married…to a young woman named Maggie…in Ireland…and soon. This news floors her, as she has recently been examining her own feelings for Taylor. Much to Maggie’s dismay, Taylor invites Kathy to join them on their Irish adventure. After much consideration, Kathy decides to go along and use the opportunity to find out more about her heritage. Little does she know that along the way she will discover important life lessons, and find the one whom her soul loves. To find out who Kathy’s true love is, and to discover the story of Cahira O’Connor, read the book! We here at Box Office Revolutionary believe that the Heirs of Cahira O’Connor series would provide excellent fodder for a Christian miniseries, film series, or several individual movies! It is our continuing belief the Christian filmmakers should look no further than Christian book series to find quality content.


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