In Theaters August 2017


Writer(s): Brad Podowski

Director(s): Brad Podowski, Dan Gremley

Producer(s): Brad Podowski

Starring: Brian Sheridan, C Lynn Johnson, Deborah S Brooks, Gary Smiley, Kaitlyn Griggs, Kanisha Brookins, Lisa McConnell, Lori Klinka, Mimi Sagadin, Roberta Kamp, Rose Sengenberger, Ruth Kaufman, Sean Nordsell, Suzanne C Johnson, Tom McCarthy


Plot Synopsis:

Jenny Paine is a hospice nurse who feels it is her mission to safely deliver souls into the next life. However, when her childhood friend Autumn is put on hospice, Jenny’s attempts at sharing her Christian faith are angrily rejected. Feelings of helplessness extend to other areas of Jenny’s life as well. She longs for children, but her husband doesn’t feel ready financially, and Jenny’s chance for a promotion at work is being sabotaged by a scheming co-worker. With time running out, Jenny must place her faith in God by making a life-changing sacrifice.