Angela Elwell Hunt: The Face

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Previously on this column I have mentioned the brilliance of a certain Christian author; Angela E. Hunt, and today will be no different. Angela Hunt has to be one of the best Christian authors out there, she is definitely the most creative and adventurous in her topics. Before I discovered her work, I had never read anyone who wrote with such a unique, addicting style. This is not to mention the fact that it is a rare Christian author indeed who takes on the subjects that Hunt does. In her famous novel, The Face, Hunt does not disappoint in bringing the audience a thought-provoking topic and a compelling plot. The opening chapters of The Face introduce the reader to a young woman named Sarah Sims. Sarah’s mother died giving birth to her, and her father, who was employed as a CIA agent, was killed in the line of duty shortly thereafter. One of the contributing factors to her mother’s death was the fact that Sarah was born with a potentially life-threatening disease known as Treacher-Collins syndrome. Her case is so severe that her facial features are almost nonexistent. To protect her from exploitation and verbal abuse, the CIA has kept her locked away from the outside world. Sarah lives in a secret CIA facility and is employed as a computer espionage expert. Her only friends are former and current CIA agents who are also hidden from the outside. Sarah is facing a life-altering decision, as her doctors inform her that a surgery is available that could give her the face she has always longed for. However, her decision is put on hold when her aunt suddenly appears. Sarah assumed that she has no other relatives, and was never told otherwise, so the appearance of her aunt is a surprise, to say the least. She and her aunt bond, and Sarah finds companionship, and a longing for something more than her current fate. With the help of her aunt, Sarah seeks to discover how her father died. However, little does she know that this will bring both heartbreak and healing. Will Sarah discover the truth about her father’s death? Will she decide to go through with a life-changing surgery? Most importantly, will Sarah discover the One who loves her unconditionally? To answer these questions, read the book!;) The Face would make an excellent action adventure/thriller/drama Christian film. There are multiple different ways that one could make a movie about this novel. A Christian filmmaker could choose to stay true to original content as a whole, or choose to focus more on certain aspects of the plot more than others. I would be very impressed if someone even attempted to make a film out of a complex novel such as this.


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