Chris Fabry: Dogwood

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As I looked over the book reviews that I have done thus far, I realized that I have not included any titles from male authors, so, I decided to remedy this situation by making sure to include authors of both genders from now on. Chris Fabry is a very unique Christian novelist who writes with a gritty, compelling style that draws the reader into the suffering and of joy of the character/characters. He has written books for both teens and adults alike, and is loved by readers of all ages. One of my favorite novels by Fabry is the epic titled Dogwood. This novel deals with subjects such as grief, bitterness, small towns, loss, love, sorrow, life, death, redemption, forgiveness, passion, and God’s unfailing love. This story is set in the fictional town of Dogwood, West Virginia, and paints a realistic picture of small-town drama and conflict. The opening chapters introduce the reader to the two main characters, a troubled woman named Karin, and a man named Will who longs to be set free from his dark past. Karin and Will were once in love, but tragic circumstances forced them apart, and they have not seen each other for years…until now. Karin, driven by grief and insecurity, chose to marry a man that she does not love, as she believed that security and routine would heal her scars. They had three children together, and on the surface, they appear to be the average American family. Karin has a self-admitted bitter attitude at God for allowing certain circumstances to occur, however, she is unaware that the bitterness has blossomed into anger. This fact begins creep up on her, and she finds herself increasingly unhappy in her marriage. Meanwhile, Will has just been released from prison, one of the factors that drew he and Karin apart, and is set on finding the only woman he ever loved. He is shocked to discover that she has abandoned her first love for another, yet is not surprised that the people of Dogwood remember his past in what they believe to be perfect detail. Karin finds a fountain of wisdom in an elderly member of the community named Ruthie, and at first finds her to be blunt, but later discovers that she speaks the truth. Ruthie urges Karin to face her anger at God, and determine where the root of the problem lies. What will Karin decide? Does Will ever become liberated from the pain of his past? Will they both choose to run to the One who holds their past, present, and future….and loves them anyway? To answer these questions, read the book!;) Dogwood would make a landmark Christian film in the epic genre, and would do well in the hands of the Erwin brothers, as they have proven themselves to be experts at making gritty, yet poignant and meaningful epics in the past. I am excited to see if Christian filmmakers will discover the potential found in Christian novels such as these!


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