Angela Elwell Hunt: The Fairlawn Trilogy, Book 1

Image result for doesn't she look natural angela hunt

The Fairlawn Trilogy is one of Angela E. Hunt’s lesser known book series, and was not quite as popular as some of her standalone novels, however, I have always had a soft spot for this series. This trilogy has an eccentric charm and many unique qualities that make it all that it is. The first novel in the series is titled Doesn’t She Look Natural? The opening chapters of this novel introduce the reader to a woman named Jennifer Graham. Jennifer has recently gone through a nasty divorce from her husband, which is further complicated by the fact that they both work in close company for the government. In light of various conflicting circumstances, Jennifer decides to quit her job and move herself and her two sons to her mother’s home while she looks for a new job….far away from her ex-husband. She is confused and dissapointed in how things have turned out, and worried that she will not be able to provide for her sons on her own. However, a twist of fate brings the answer to Jennifer’s worries. She is informed that she has inherited a funeral home in the historic Mt. Dora, Florida. Unsure as to how to take this news, Jennifer makes the decision to travel to Florida with her sons and mother to see what it is like. Once there, she falls in love with the old funeral home, and learns that there are many lessons to be learned from serving the families of loved ones who have passed on. What lessons does Jennifer learn? Will she be able to make a living out of running a funeral home? To answer these questions, read the book!;) While the plot-lines of these three novels are somewhat simple, they draw in readers of all ages in only a way that a good novel can. This trilogy would make a good beginner project for a Christian filmmaker looking to make their mark on the Christian movie world. In light of the simple plots, one could combine all three books into one Christian film, or divide the content to create a short inspirational miniseries. Once again we can see that even with simple novels, there is ample content with which to create films.


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