Chris Fabry: Junebug

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Chris Fabry has written many excellent Christian novels, and is renowned by this blog as one of the greatest authors of Christian fiction on the market today. While Junebug may not be his best novel, it is still worth reading, as it tackles an issue that many people do not often think about. Yet another novel set in Fabry’s fictional town of Dogwood, West Virginia, Junebug deals with subjects such as kidnapping, abandonment, lies, secrets, truth, broken trust, family, hope, home, and how God works everything together for good, even the most dire circumstances. The opening chapters of Junebug introduce us to a young girl and her father who live on the road, in an old RV. Junebug has never questioned her circumstances, no matter how unusual they become, even to the point of living in a Walmart parking lot. However, one day her whole world comes crashing down when she sees her name and picture on a list of missing children. She discovers that her father is not actually her biological father, in fact, he is a kidnapper and a criminal. She receives no conclusive answers from her kidnapper, and decides to strike out on her own. Junebug begins the search for her real family, and discovers many secrets along the way. Will Junebug ever find her real family? Will she escape the hands of her kidnapper? Most importantly, will she run into the arms of her Heavenly Father? To answer these questions, read the book! Junebug is a modern-day depiction of the classic novel Les Miserables, and uses many of the same plot devices and concepts. This would make an interesting Christian drama film, if done in the right way. Even though the plot is somewhat pedestrian, it could be expanded and improved in the hands of the right writer/director/producer. A Christian filmmaker could use this novel as a base for making a Christian version of the classic Les Miserables, or, they could stay true to original content. I think an artistic filmmaker like Jefferson Moore would be good at making a film based on this book, as he has basically done this kind of plot before in his films (i.e. Clancy). Moore is at least average in the production and acting areas, he just needs a plot, so this novel would provide perfect fodder for him to make an above average Christian movie. We here at Box Office Revolution look forward to the day when Christian filmmakers will recognize the potential found in Christian novels.


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