Angela Elwell Hunt: The Fairlawn Series Book 2

She Always Wore Red by Angela Hunt

In the same vein as the first novel in Angela Hunt’s Fairlawn Trilogy, the second book, titled She Always Wore Red, continues the story of Jennifer Graham, and expands on her new life in Mt. Dora, Florida. This novel deals with subjects such as change, life choices, surprises, relatives, decisions, ignorance, redemption, trusting in God, personal choices, growth, death, and learning to live in the center of God’s will. The opening chapters of this novel tell the reader that Jennifer has decided to make the mortuary she inherited her permanent business. However, Jennifer is constantly overwhelmed by the duties of mothering her two boys, running a business, and attending mortuary school. She longs for a friend with which to share her joys and struggles, but little does she know that one is right around the corner, and it will not be the friendship she expected. Jennifer meets a young woman named McLane Larson, who has recently moved to Mt. Dora while her husband is overseas. McLane is young, pregnant, and facing difficult choices ahead. Little does Jennifer know that God will use McLane to teach her compassion, forgiveness, and to realize her own underlying racism. Jennifer will learn that she has had a closed view of the world up until now, she has only been seeing things through the eyes of her own race, and had been too focused on her own struggles. Will Jennifer learn to see the world through the eyes of Christ? Will she trust Him with her future? To answer these questions, read the book!;) As previously mentioned in my post regarding the first novel in this series, I believe that the best course of action for a Christian filmmaker would be to combine all three of these novels into one film. The short, simple plots could be easily combined to create one movie, however, Hunt’s trilogy could also be made into a Christian miniseries. Regardless of what a Christian filmmaker decides to make out of this trilogy, we here at Box Office Revolution will be happy if they decide to make it at all!


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