Tim Downs: Wonders Never Cease

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Tim Downs is one of the most eccentrically brilliant authors I have ever had the privilege of reviewing. One can certainly not fault him for original content, as he provides several subjects never before seen in the world of Christian fiction. While Downs is known for his famous Bug Man series, Wonders Never Cease has always been, in my opinion, his best novel. In writing Wonders Never Cease Downs departs from his usual practice of crime/thriller plots, and instead focuses on everyday occurrences….with a twist. Set in the cutthroat world of Hollywood, this novel deals with subjects such as desperation, deceit, get-rich-quick schemes, failure, miraculous occurrences, angelic appearances, mistakes, successes, and learning experiences. The opening chapters introduce the reader to the two main characters, Olivia Hayden, and Kemp McAvoy. Olivia is an aging film star looking for her next big break. When her agent informs her of a new acting opportunity, she jumps at the chance, thinking that she will star as the beautiful, young female character. However, she is devastated to learn that she has been cast as….the mother-in-law. Driven by anger and pride, she makes the decision to drive her car too fast down a busy interstate, and ends up being part of a serious accident. This choice leaves her in a medically induced coma in the hospital for an extended period of time. Kemp McAvoy is a down-on-his-luck middle American trying to get rich as quickly as possible. Against his girlfriend’s advice, he creates an elaborate scheme that will be sure to grant him the cash he so desires. Kemp plans to appear as an angel to Olivia in a staged vision, an act that will surely grant him fame and fortune. However, the less-than-reputable people he becomes involved with and the consequences of impersonating an angel are sneaking up on him….fast. In the midst of it all, Kemp’s girlfriend has a young daughter who claims to have seen an angel. Will Olivia recover? Does Kemp survive his self-inflicted ordeal? Has an angel really appeared to a young girl? To answer these questions, read the book!;) In order for this book to be made in to a film, it would have to be written by an expert who has proven themselves in the past, and is willing to stay true to original content. There is really nothing that one could add to this novel, it has it all. It a rare writer that can pull off a well-structured plot, plot twists, and audience appeal, but Downs brings it all to the table. Ideally I would like to see this novel made into an action/comedy type of film. If done correctly, Wonders Never Cease could make a landmark Christian film.


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