Angela Elwell Hunt: The Fairlawn Series Book 3

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Angela E. Hunt’s Fairlawn Series has been called pedestrian and commonplace by some, and while this may be at least partially true, I choose to believe that Hunt meant to portray the importance of life lessons through this series. There is a time for landmark novels, and a time for simple plots with a poignant message. Keeping in the eccentrically charming spirit of the other two novels, the final book brings a poignant end to the story of Jennifer Graham. Titled She’s In A Better Place, this novel deals with subjects such as loss, grief, death, broken relationships, broken trust, redemption, reconciliation, the hope of an eternity with Jesus, life lessons, life struggles, and learning to be content, no matter what. The opening chapters tell the reader that Jennifer Graham still struggles to keep up with the daily demands of her busy life as a single mother and sole breadwinner, but bring encouragement by alluding that she has learned to trust God’s plan for her life. Jennifer has at last come to the end of her degree program at mortuary school, and is studying for her final exam. The daily demands of being a mother are wearing at times, and she relies heavily on her close friend and mentor, the elderly Gerald, for support. However, she is shocked to learn that her rock does, in fact, have weaknesses. Gerald, the focus of the novel, reluctantly informs Jennifer that he has been diagnosed with a fatal illness, and will not live much longer. Jennifer is crushed and feels confused as to why God would allow this to happen. She learns of his broken relationship with an estranged daughter he refuses to discuss, and feels that they should reconcile before his death. Jennifer begins searching for his daughter, but is unaware that this search will bring both joy and heartache for everyone involved. She will learn that the last chapter of a person’s life reveals how everything they have done has molded them into the person that they are. Through Gerald’s imminent death Jennifer is forced to take her own relationships more seriously, especially her blossoming romance with a certain handsome attorney. The novel’s ending is surprisingly not predictable, and leaves the reader to imagine what happened to the characters. To find out firsthand, read the book!;) As I have said before, this series would make a good standalone film or Christian miniseries, in the hands of the right person/persons. In conclusion, we here at Box Office Revolution continue to petition aspiring Christian filmmakers to look no further than Christian fiction for inspiration.


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