Like Arrows: The Art of Parenting (2018)

Coming in 2018 from FamilyLife and Pro-Family Films



Director(s): Kevin Peeples

Producer(s): David C. Cook, Kevin Peeples

Starring: Alan Powell, David Blamy, Alex Kendrick, Kristi Taylor, Victoria Anastasi, Katherine Shepler, Les Best, Holly Morris, Garry Nation, Andrew Hurt, Elizabeth Becka, Justin Torrence, LaVictor Chase Talbert Jr., Samantha Katelyn, Jason Rhymer, Jade Bui, Anisa Nyell Johnson, Micah Lynn Hanson, Adam Drake, Joseph Curtis Callender, Emma Dison Brantley, Kathleen Dellinger, Dawson Shea, Jaden Bishop, Frances Dell Bendert, Carter Babcock, Hobbs Peeples, Sophia Smith, Amanda Lauren Cabigting, Rowe Powell, Elleina Papageorgiou, Justin Livingston, Isabella Smith, Joel Dellinger, Aowyn Peeples, Randy Henning, John Jackson Hunter, Tara Warolin, Rory Root, Kendrick Peeples, Micah Drew Johnson, Davis Ray, Drakeford Peeples


Plot Synopsis:

A feature length film designed to accompany a parenting curriculum from FamilyLife.


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