Selfie Dad: When a Comic Gets Serious About the Bible (2018)

Emily Tosta and Shelby Simmons in Selfie Dad (2018)

Coming 2018 from Kappa Media and Rapture Pictures


Writer(s): Brad J. Silverman

Director(s): Brad J. Silverman

Producer(s): Patrick G. Ingram, Paul L. Long, Mike Sullivan, Geno Taylor

Starring: Michael Jr., James Denton, Johnny Pacar, Dahlia Waingort, Chonda Pierce, Pat Finn, Emily Tosta, Shelly Dennis, Peter Hulne, Charissa Saverio, Shelby Simmons, Jalon Christian


Plot Synopsis:

Spiraling uncontrollably into a mid-life crisis, Ben Marcus, a reality television editor, is convinced he can only be happy by fulfilling his lost dream of being a comic.  Ben posts his stand-up comedy to a You Tube channel, under the name SELFIE DAD.  His comedy videos fall flat until his tweener son posts Ben failing miserably on a home improvement project.  Much to his teenage daughter’s embarrassment, this video goes viral launching Ben into a new career as SELFIE DAD.  Soon Ben is an award winning, social media comic phenomenon! The problem is no amount of success seems to bring Ben satisfaction.  Through an odd relationship with a brash twenty-five year old I.T. guy (Mickey), who is on fire for Christ and studying to be a pastor, Ben learns the only way to attain true, sustainable happiness is by reading the Bible and re-establishing his relationship with Jesus.


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