Angela Elwell Hunt: The Dangerous Beauty Series Book 1

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In her newest series of novels titled Dangerous Beauty, Angela E. Hunt takes up the gauntlet to provide depth and meaning to the stories of women in the Bible. She includes both tales that you would expect, and those that many in the church are afraid to speak aloud. Where others have romanticized, sensationalized, and heavily edited certain stories in the Bible, Hunt speaks out with a refreshing boldness not found in many Christian authors. Esther, Bathsheba, and Delilah were three women whose stories were included in the Bible to teach us important life lessons. So far Hunt has written novels about these three women of the Bible, it is currently unknown as to whether she will continue the Dangerous Beauty series or end it as a trilogy. The first novel in the series is titled Esther: Royal Beauty. This novel tells the story of Esther from a fresh perspective, and what I believe to be a very accurate depiction of what her life really was. Esther was a brave Jewess who answered God’s call when it was not the popular thing to do, nor the safest option. In this novel, Esther is depicted as a real person who made mistakes, as someone who has both strengths and weaknesses. As per usual for Hunt, she combines the perspectives of Esther herself and influential people in her life to create a well-written story that will hold the attention of any reader. I have always found that a good Christian novel is one that you read in one sitting; one that holds the attention for an extended period of time. This series measures up to it’s heritage by bringing fresh content and continuing refreshment in the world of Christian fiction. Many Christian filmmakers have attempted to make movies based on Esther’s story, and every one of them has failed. I would be interested to see a Christian filmmaker think outside the box and use Hunt’s novel to create an Esther character that is a real person, not an subservient, angelic character (The Book of Esther), nor a hollow shell who performs a dramatic act (One Night With the King). It is time for Christian filmmakers to either make a real film about Esther, or stop trying! Hunt’s book provides more than adequate content with which to create a landmark Bible film, so if you want to make another film about Esther, do it right this time and use her book as a master plan.

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