Angela Elwell Hunt: The Dangerous Beauty Series Book 2

Image result for bathsheba: reluctant beauty

In keeping with the spirit of the first novel in her series, Dangerous Beauty, Angela E. Hunt continues to bring life and new meaning to familiar Bible stories in this second installment. Titled Bathsheba: Reluctant Beauty, the name is somewhat confusing…..until one reads the novel itself. In the Bible, Bathsheba was a woman who caught the lustful eye of King David, a woman who was an object of temptation to a man who thought that he was too righteous to fall into sin. Many see Bathsheba as the cause of David’s sin, however, the truth of the matter is the David made the choice to commit adultery, not to mention the fact that he killed her husband to cover his sin. Bathsheba was partly a victim, and partly a participant in this familiar case of adultery found in the Old Testament. Hunt invites the reader to look at this Bible story with new eyes, with eyes that see past the blockade of sin, and into the heart of the characters. Bathsheba: Reluctant Beauty deals with subjects such as sin, adultery, secrets, devastation, loss, confession, redemption, God’s unfathomable forgiveness, and how God puts the broken pieces of a person’s life together, creating a beautiful picture of His love. The opening chapters introduce the reader to the two main characters, a young woman named Bathsheba, and a prophet called Nathan. As the story is told from their perspectives, the reader will see how God uses our darkest sins for His glory. Hunt points out how having a dysfunctional family life shaped the habits and influenced the choices of the man Israel knew as King David. She makes the reader see that while he did commit a sin in the eyes of the Lord, any of us are capable of doing the same, so who are we to judge? I especially enjoyed how Hunt brought Bathsheba to light as a real person, not merely a victim or a participant. Hunt’s Bathsheba feels that she is to blame to provoking the king to his sinful choice, because of her beauty. Bathsheba, on the whole, is wiser than the king, but she still made the decision to follow his bidding. If you are interested in a Christian novel about forgiveness, then this one is for you. This novel is another brilliant piece of work from Angela E. Hunt, and deserves to be on the big screen. However, because of the rather sensitive subject matter, I absolutely insist that Hunt would have to be involved in the making of such a film. It can be done, but it must be done right, or not at all. We here at Box Office Revolution have seen too many “stories of the Bible” films with wasted potential.


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