Camp Cool Kids (Movie Review)

Plot Summary

Spence’s older brother Zach never wants him around because he embarrasses him, but their mother wants them to stick together now that their father has died.  Zach is headed to summer camp and Spence is supposed to go with him, but Spence is afraid.  However, Spence’s grandfather convinces him to go and Spence soon finds out that there’s a whole world out there if he will face his fears and not let his overactive imagination get the best of him.


Production Quality (2 points)

As a new production, there are obviously a lot of positive elements here.  Video quality, camera work, and audio quality are all on standard.  The soundtrack is a little silly and it is quite excessive as it dominates the film, especially with the many montages that make up this movie.  Sets, locations, and props, however, are professional and appropriate.  Yet there are some unnecessary ‘silly’ special effects that cloud things, not to mention the fact that there’s really no editing in this film.  In the end, this is a typical new baseline production; it’s good to have a new baseline, but production isn’t the only thing you need.

Plot and Storyline Quality (0 points)

It’s unclear what the true purpose or intention of this movie is supposed to be.  Is it a kids’ movie?  It sure seems like one.  Characters are very lazily presented through lame attempts at dialogue and comedy.  There is really no plot to speak of, as the story mostly consists of a lot of silliness, quirkiness, and montages to fill time.  The Christian message presented is very plastic and forced.  In the end, there is little overarching or driving purpose to anything that happens in this film, so it’s hard to understand why it was made or what audience it is intended to reach.

Acting Quality (1.5 points)

Lisa Arnold and company are reliable in putting together a good cast that mostly knows and cares about what they are doing.  There are no glaring errors among this cast—just some uninspiring and seemingly uninterested performances.  Then again, the cast members really didn’t have much to work with.  The whole film seems like an afterthought.


In the not-too-distant past, a film would have been a basement dweller due to low production quality and unprofessional acting.  Yet the new professional industry standards of Christian film have been raised, and thus raise films like this from the ash heap.  But that doesn’t mean that they are any more justified—it just means more money was spent on them.  Thus, we have to ask why.  We know Lisa Arnold and her team mean well and are capable of great things, so why did they make this film?  It seems like the money could have been spent better on a different idea.


Final Rating: 3.5 out of 10 points


12 thoughts on “Camp Cool Kids (Movie Review)

    • Don’t worry, I am aware of schizophrenia very well. Childhood schizophrenia is a very rare, but very real thing and includes the same symptoms of schizophrenia as in adults. Hallucinations, delusions, and bouts of anxiety are all signs of schizophrenia. Spence sees things that aren’t actually there (hallucinations), believes things that aren’t true (delusions), and runs away from them unexpectedly (bouts of anxiety). So, don’t be offended whoever disliked this comment. I know what schizophrenia is very well and I am very aware of the signs. I was just pointing out things I noticed that correspond very commonly with schizophrenia. That’s all.


    • Don’t worry, whoever disliked my message. I am perfectly aware of the signs of schizophrenia. Childhood schizophrenia is a very rare, but very real thing. Hallucinations, delusions, and anxiety are all very common signs. Spence has some of these things and it just reminded me of schizophrenia signs. I have been very aware of schizophrenia for a very long time. I know the different types, and Spence shows signs of paranoid schizophrenia. They have the hallucinations, but catatonic schizophrenia can also come with them. But, paranoid schizophrenia causes delusions and anxiety. I was just implying what I know about schizophrenia. I never meant to be offensive if I did. I have anxiety as well, and I am knowledgeable of how the disorder can affect someone.


    • Schizophrenia is a psychological disorder that causes a person to experience a disconnection from reality. They experience hallucinations (seeing things that aren’t there), delusions (believing things that aren’t true), bouts of hostility and agitation, flat effects, distorted thinking, and disorientation. There are different types of schizophrenia. There’s paranoid schizophrenia, catatonic schizophrenia, and schizoid disorders, which have schizophrenic-like symptoms. Schizophrenia is very rare in children, but it can occur. I just thought this movie was raising awareness of schizophrenia in children. I was in no means trying to be offensive. So, to whoever disliked my previous message, just know I was just trying to point out what I believe the movie’s main message could be.


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