A Time for Heaven (Movie Review)

Plot Summary

Ronald Mitchell lays dying in his own bed as his organs are shutting down, so home healthcare nurse Julie is called upon to make him comfortable as he passes into the next life.  However, she doesn’t just want to make her patients comfortable—she wants to leave a lasting difference on their lives.  Ron is all alone, so Julie sets out to find his long-lost children, whom he gave up for adoption.  Little does she know that the search will lead her to surprising results.


Production Quality (1 point)

As usual for Faith House’s newer productions, there are a few good production elements, but not enough.  Video quality is fine, as is audio quality, yet there is some randomly shaky camera work, and the soundtrack is Faith House’s usual silliness.  Sets, locations, and props are okay, but they are very limited and cheap.  Lighting is also sometimes an issue.  Furthermore, the editing is poor, including lagging scenes and awkward fade-outs.  Basically, at the rate that Faith House puts out these dumb movies, there’s no way they can be quality.

Plot and Storyline Quality (0 points)

It never fails that the Faith House team can come with a childish, silly story that’s based on a flimsy premise and unrealistic occurrences.  Do they even research the situations they want to portray in film before making them?  Their stories are based too much on coincidences and leaps in logic, not to mention the fact that the characters therein are ridiculous.  Faith House also writes the strangest dialogue, and all of these goofy elements are present in A Time for Heaven.  There is no sense of reality in the pursuit of forcing a childish conclusion with a cheap Christian message.  Basically, much like Before All Others and their other wonders, A Time for Heaven is another pointless film that never needed to be made.

Acting Quality (0 points)

Constantly casting Mitch Etter and Julie Van Lith in your films is not a good idea if you want to have a good cast.  Not only is this cast very small, but it’s not really any good.  Every cast member just does their own thing with no much direction.  There are quite a few obvious line errors and emotions are laughable.  In the end, this is once again a newer film that had no reason to be released.


Though we know that outfits like The Asylum are purposely creating parody films, it’s very difficult to know if companies like Faith House, Stronger Foundation, Tender Shoot, etc., are actually serious.  Films like this one are funny for all the wrong reasons and only further serve to continually muddy the waters of the Christian film market.  Whoever is funding these nonsense films needs to seriously stop and demand some quality.


Final Rating: 1 out of 10 points



19 thoughts on “A Time for Heaven (Movie Review)

  1. I work in the health sector and see the concerns of some. However, this touches the heart and that’s what’s important to me and most people facing death. We all overstep the mark sometimes, I think there’s not enough of it especially when it comes to eternal matters, with varying results…this is a great result for Mr Michelle and his family and I’m sure he wouldn’t be interested in complaining – onya Julie!!
    We’ve become risk-averse these days and it stifles any sense of adventure…all in the name of professionalism. Thankfully this is no barrier to God for people like Mr Michelle.
    Don’t worry about the quality of the production, lets continue to take a risk and not try and maintain some status quo that has little impact on the substance of the material, which I thought was anything but predictable and as I said, touched the heart!! Thanks 🙂


  2. Having witnessed death, I think this movie is lovely. Death doesn’t have to include people getting over emotional and this movie is closer to reality. Thank you!


  3. Seriously terrible movie ! Worst I’ve seen honestly .why i as a nurse myself I realized early on in this movie that it was not realistic. HIPAA regulations would’ve had her fired immediately, and why in the world at the end of the movie would she tell her father to go be with her mom in heaven after she left them . Come on people this isn’t real life . Terrible acting and unrealistic storyline.


  4. The review was unreasonably negative, which made me think that it pushed the reviewer’s buttons. I am spiritual, but I’m not Christian and I don’t follow any religion.

    I found this film to be very moving and real. If you research Near Death Experiences, you’ll see that people from all religions in the world have them and also many atheists.

    SEE International Association for Near Death Experiences.
    SEE https://www.clinicaloncology.com/Current-Practice/Article/11%E2%80%9318/The-NearDeath-Experience-Diagnosis-and-Treatment-Of-a-Common-Medical-Syndrome/53189

    Among other things, this article includes info from physicians who’ve had near death experiences and how it changed their lives.


  5. The reviewer/author of this article does not know what they are talking about. Sounds like she/he has some grudge against the production company to me. don’t listen to them. This a well made independent movie and there is a nice unsuspecting twist! I thoroughly enjoyed it!


  6. Awesome movie with not your typical Hollywood “famous” actors. Maybe that’s why I loved it. As a Christian it’s great to see that there’s good Christian movies instead of the over paid, actedbig budget bust that’s the same old same old.


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  9. I loved this movie. The theme is sobering, forgiveness and repentance in the face of death. God loves us so much that He arranges situations to bring healing and restoration to wholeness. The main characters namely the two nurses played excellent parts, loving and compassionate. This is a movie worth watching. I give it a 4 star review.


  10. I liked it a lot! Watch it and decide for yourself, no naked sex, no foul language, no fast cars, chase scenes or explosions – just a good story. Some of the acting was a bit slow but when the subject is death people involved with the dying are not going to be junping with energy. Consudering the production cost these guys did a great job with the story. i live in the valley and recognised most of the locations. That was pretty cool – my husband and I both were tearing up during the show. I am going to recommend some of my famiky members watch it.


  11. I am troubled that Elizabeth encouraged her Dad to write letters to make amends with so many but did not encourage him to ask for forgiveness from the One who could forgive his sins.


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