The Code of the West Series by Stephen Bly

Image result for it's your misfortune and none of my own stephen blyImage result for one went to denver and the other went wrong stephen blyImage result for where the deer and the antelope play stephen blyImage result for stay away from that city they call it cheyenne stephen blyImage result for my foot's in the stirrup but my pony won't stand stephen blyImage result for i'm off to montana for to throw the hoolihan stephen bly

Stephen Bly was the greatest author of faith-based Western fiction that we here at Box Office Revolution have ever had the privilege to review. His novels always promoted Biblical principles and highlighted the importance of involving God and seeking His guidance in any and every situation. The Code of West series is perhaps his best book series, second only to The Legend of Stuart Brannon series. The series tells the tale of a man named Tapadera Andrews, and his love interest, Aimee “Pepper” Paige. The series deals with subjects such as redemption, escaped prisoners, the pursuit of righteousness, imperfect people, love, hope, marriage, family, tragedy, recovery, grief, loss, joy, and what life was like for Western settlers. The opening chapters of the first novel, It’s Your Misfortune and None of My Own, introduce the reader to the main character, a enigma of a man known as Tapadera Andrews. Tapadera, or Tap, as he likes to be called, has just escaped from prison and is trying to stay out. However, trouble seems to follow him wherever he goes. Shortly after his escape from prison, the skilled gunslinger faces an unexpected ambush by Indians. During the chaos he meets a man named Zachariah Hatcher…witnesses him receive a fatal wound during the fighting, and learns more than he ever expected during the last hours of the man’s life. Tap learns that Zachariah was on his way to meet his pen-pal-turned-true-love, a prim and proper woman named Suzanne. He also learns that the man had just purchased a ranch. After Zachariah’s death, Tap forms an elaborate scheme in which he will impersonate Zachariah, therefore reaping the benefits of the dead man’s life. Tap figures that, in this way, he will gain a wife, a home, and the means to make a profit, and a new identity…all for free! Pepper Paige is a seasoned dance hall girl who seeks something more out of life. She is tired of being treated like material goods by men, and is desperate to escape her current situation. One day her opportunity comes in the form of a woman fatally wounded in a stagecoach accident…..named Suzanne. Following her death, Pepper decides to assume the dead woman’s identity, and go in her place to meet Suzanne’s pen-pal-turned-true-love…Zechariah Hatcher. Pepper figures that, in this way, she have a fresh start as an honest woman, gain a roof over her head, and the security of a healthy relationship. Tap and Pepper are two people seeking freedom from their respective pasts through impersonation; two people who are lonely and long for something more in life. When their paths finally cross, the impossible situations they find themselves in….will soon become a regular thing. The next three novels tell the tales of Pepper and Tap’s journey of healing from their past, their budding romance, and eventual marriage. The last two novels give a humorous depiction of Tap and Peppers unique family life. This series would make a great Christian miniseries in the comedy/drama genre. I would like to see someone like the Kendrick brothers or the Smallbone brothers take on a unique project like this and make it their own. The Smallbone brothers in particular have the artistic skill and creativity to pull off a Western themed production. The Kendrick brothers would have to think outside the box for something like this. However, it can and should be done.






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