The Scarlet Thread by Francine Rivers

Image result for the scarlet thread by francine rivers

The Scarlet Thread is one of Francine Rivers’ many excellent Christian novels. However, unlike many of her books, in the beginning the story seems to be a bit pedestrian; compared to her more epic tales. Yet, as the reader will soon find, the story has just as much meaning as her other novels, even though the outcome of the story is a bit idealistic. I feel that this story is more relevant in regards to the everyday, for her other novels are usually geared towards the big picture. This novel deals with subjects such as family tension, generational struggles and sin, marital relationships, upper class American families, friendship, betrayal, lies, truth, and the search for meaning and purpose in life. The opening chapters introduce the readers to the two main characters, Sierra and Alex. Sierra is a small-town girl who has lived in the same place her whole life. She met her true love, Alex, in high school, and, despite her family’s disapproval, married him when they both graduated from college. Soon they had two children and a seemingly perfect life, or so Sierra thinks. Sierra would be happy to live in suburbia and follow the same routines for the rest of her life, but Alex does not want to settle for so little. One day he is offered a job with a risky company trying to make their big break. He accepts without consulting Sierra, sells their home, and moves his family to Los Angeles. Sierra is angry with him for these decisions, and begins to become bitter. She does not enjoy the lavish, if somewhat gaudy taste of her rich neighbors, and is hesitant to join in on their country club activities. Eventually Alex tires of her moping, and gives her an ultimatum. Sierra decides that if she can’t beat the crowd, she might as well join them. Time goes on, and as Sierra sinks deeper into a frivolous life of pomp and circumstance, she feels increasingly empty inside. As her world begins to fall apart, Sierra searches for true meaning and purpose in life. Will she run into the arms of the One who loves her completely? To answer this question, read the book!;) The Scarlet Thread would be a good novel for the Kendrick Brothers to bring to the big screen as a drama film, especially since they have produced similar plots to this one before. In conclusion, here’s to hoping that someone will, someday soon, realize the potential found in Christian novels such as these.

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