Francine Rivers: Marta’s Legacy Series Book 2

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Her Mother’s Hope is the second and final installment in Francine River’s Marta’s Legacy series. This novel covers the lives of four people, and does so in a tasteful way. Rivers binds four generations together by pointing our their mutual flaws and their common need for forgiveness. Her Mother’s Hope deals with subjects such as sin, flawed family systems, generational tendencies, mothers, daughters, grandmothers, granddaughters, purity, impurity, life choices, love, joy, hope, healing, and the ties that bind families together. The opening chapters of the book introduce the character to Hildemara’s daughter, Carolyn. Returning readers of the first novel will remember that Hildemara is Marta’s daughter. Carolyn is a lonely little girl who misses her mother. As Hildemara fights tuberculosis from behind a bedroom door, Carolyn wonders why her mother tells her to stay away. Carolyn’s grandmother Marta comes to the rescue by stepping in to care for Carolyn and her older brother Charlie. As Hildemara pushes her daughter away out of love, Carolyn begins to form a close bond with her grandmother. Even when Hildemara recovers, Carolyn still feels that her mother is indifferent to her existence. Eventually Carolyn stops seeking her mother’s affection, and with both parents working long days, this is not hard to do. Eventually her vulnerability leads her into the hands of a neighbor with less than pure intentions. As he draws her into his lair, she discovers that she does not want to play his games. However, it is too late, and the damage done will last a lifetime. As Carolyn grows up, she feels distant from her peers, and focuses instead on her studies. Her relationship with her mother does not improve, and Carolyn decides to take her perfect GPA to her grandmother’s favorite college. At first she is entirely committed to her studies, and lets nothing sway her resolve. Then….she gets a new roommate. Cher is the complete opposite of Carolyn; she embraces the hippie lifestyle with gusto. Soon Carolyn sees the attractiveness of a carefree lifestyle, and her grades begin to slip. Eventually she is drinking and doing drugs with no care as to the side effects. Much to her parents chagrin, she drops out of college and moves into a communal drug house. Cher’s eventual suicide is the turning point in Carolyn’s life. When Cher dies, Carolyn is in despair. She wanders the streets in search of meaning, and finds it one night on the beach. Following a hookup with a lonely veteran, she meets her Maker on the seashore and discovers what love really is. Carolyn returns home to her parents, who make sure that she leaves her hippie ways behind and gets a job. However, when Carolyn discovers she is pregnant, she is fired. Her parents pack her away to a family friend, where she delivers her daughter, May Flower Dawn. Carolyn reluctantly decides to let her mother care for Dawn during her long work days, and Dawn is raised by Hildemara while Carolyn works to become a realtor. By the time she reaches her goal, Dawn has grown to love her grandmother as a child loves her mother. Carolyn tries to regain her love, but finds that some bridges are very hard to build. Following Carolyn’s marriage to a childhood friend named Mitch, the novel shifts from Carolyn’s perspective to Dawn’s. Dawn is a spoiled girl who is looking for love in all the wrong places. Controlled by her grandmother’s selfish desires, she unintentionally reopens her mother’s old wounds. Will Carolyn and Dawn ever be reconciled? Will Hildemara see the part she has played in their rift? Most importantly, will all three run into the arms of the One who loves them most? To answer this question, read the book! I have considered the idea that this novel could make a two part film series, however, I always return to the fact that the content of both books combined would make a wonderful Christian epic film. Maybe someday someone will recognize the potential found in certain Christian novels….or maybe not…

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