Upcoming and New Christian Movies and Series

This page will be updated as more movies and series are revealed.  If you have an upcoming movie or series to share, or if something needs to be updated, don’t hesitate to comment below!

November 2018

6th (Direct to DVD and Pureflix.com) Christmas Manger 

7th (Direct to DVD): Heaven’s War (formerly Beyond the Darkness)

Malibu Dan the Family Man, Season 2 

Promises to Keep?

The Farmer and the Belle: Real Love (Thanksgiving)

The 3 (Chip Rossetti film, TBA)

December 2018

8th in theaters: Buttons (Tim Janis musical)

Megan’s Christmas Miracle 

January 2019

22nd in theaters: Play the Flute (Christiano film)

February 2019

1st in theaters: The Least of These (formerly Staines)

10th in theaters: Heavenly Deposit 

22nd in theaters: Run the Race (Tebow brothers movie)

When Calls the Heart, Season 6 (Christmas episode airing Christmas Day)

March 2019

6th in theaters: XL: The Temptation of Christ

22nd in theaters: The Islands (new Timothy Chey movie)

22nd in theaters: Unplanned (Abby Johnson movie)

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair (TBA)

A Promise to Astrid (JC films)

April 2019

1st in theaters: My Brother’s Keeper 

4th and 6th in theaters: Palau the Movie 

12th in theaters: Breakthrough (based on Joyce Smith’s book)

The Chosen, Season 1 

The Perfect Race

May 2019

Heavenly Deposit (release date TBA)

Roe V. Wade?

The Beverlys (expected mid-2019)

The Wake of Light (expected mid- 2019)

June 2019

7th in theaters: The Other Side of Heaven 2 

Redeemed (TBA)

The Chronicles of Narnia (Netflix TV series)

The Follower (TBA)

July 2019

Be Still & Know (expected summer 2019)

Motorvation (comedy expected mid-2019)

The Mustard Seed (expected mid-2019)

August 2019

24th in theaters: Final Frequency 

Bible Bees (animated)

Overcomer (new Kendrick brothers movie)

September 2019

Let Go and Let God (expected mid to late 2019)

unDefiled (expected mid to late 2019)

God is Good (TBA)

October 2019

Untitled Erwin Brothers Film (TBA)

November 2019

Christmas Stories (Timothy Chey)

December 2019

Finding Grace 

The Glorious Future…

The Baxters series (in progress)

The Passion of the Christ: Resurrection (expected Easter 2020)

My Name is (TBA)

Gloria Dais (in progress)

I Do (in progress)

John Light (in pre-production; release TBA)

untitled dark comedy from Ian Hoffbeck (in progress)

untitled Christmas movie from Rik Swartzwelder (in progress)

untitled historical epic from Burns Family Studios (in progress)

The Dark (pre-production)

Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (pre-production)

Pure (pre-production)

Revelation Road 4 (rumored)

sequel to Caged No More (rumored)

Left Behind Next Generation movie 2 (rumored)

Boo (rumored)

No Filter (rumored)

Riven (rumored)

Twas the Night Before (rumored)

HeavenQuest: A Pilgrim’s Progress (status unknown)

A High School Story (status unknown)

Signs and Wonders (status unknown)

Rachel (status unknown)

Pontius Pilate (status unknown)

Lifestone Velocity (status unknown)

A Walk With Grace (status unknown)

Selfie Dad (status unknown)

Daughters (status unknown)

Miracle Falls (status unknown)

I Sell Bibles (status unknown)

Christian Movie (status unknown)

11 Seconds (status unknown)

The Boonies (status unknown)

The Roman Road (status unknown)

The Lock-In (status unknown)

The Delusion (status unknown)

Song of Acadia series (status unknown)

Iscariot (status unknown)


17 thoughts on “Upcoming and New Christian Movies and Series

  1. Keeping up the ‘Breaks”….following Beautifully Broken and Unbroken, Breakthrough, starring Chrissy Metz and Josh Lucas release 4/12/19.
    Also, Comedian Michael Jr’s MORE THAN FUNNY, releases 10/18/18.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello, There is supposed to be a movie playing on March 5th only that is about a Christian that was imprisoned for 15 years for his faith. I cannot find the name of the movie anywhere. Do you know what the name of it is? Thanks.


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