Upcoming Christian Novels: Isaiah’s Daughter by Mesu Andrews

Isaiah’s Daughter

Release date: January 2018

Author: Mesu Andrews

Mesu Andrews is releasing a new book this month titled Isaiah’s Daughter. Based on her previously successful novels in the Biblical fiction genre, this one is bound to be both poignant and compelling. The plot features the story of Isaiah’s daughter, a girl named Ishma. Ishma has witnessed horrors that no one, least of all a five year old, should have to endure. She is adopted by Isaiah and his family and they rename her Zibah, which means delight of the Lord. Zibah leads a much more joyful life with Isaiah and his family, and as she grows up, the Lord blesses her with status and position in society. Zibah falls in love with Prince Hezekiah, however, she will find that love awakens the darkness of her past. Zibah must learn to cast all her cares on the One who cares for her. We here at Box Office Revolution eagerly await the release of this novel, and expect great things from Andrews!


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