A Love That Hurts (Movie Review)


Plot Summary

Chris and Samantha are newlyweds who can’t wait to start a family.  However, their dream ends in heartbreak as their first child miscarries.  This tragedy pushes them apart as a couple and causes them each to seek fulfillment in all of the wrong places.  When another tragedy strikes their family, they will have to make a choice: will they grow apart or seek God to save their marriage?


Production Quality (2 points)

A Love That Hurts has a surprisingly above-average production for such a small budget.  Although there are some moments of echoed audio and some disorienting special effects, video quality and camera work are quite good.  Sets, locations, and props are slightly limited, but they are good considering what the creators had to work with.  Further, there are some abrupt cuts and transitions throughout, but as a whole, this is a very good production considering the tiny budget that was allotted for it.

Plot and Storyline Quality (.5 point)

While there are some good attempts to portray accessible characters with realistic struggles, the characters of this story really need to be deepened, not only because this is a character-based plot, but also because it would make the story more meaningful.  As it is, a lot of the dialogue is too obvious and forces the plot along.  Some characters are too robotic as they appear to be pawns in the plot, only serving the purpose of spoon-feeding the audience an obvious message.  This message comes off as a somewhat plastic version of Christianity, including an odd portrayal of women.  Also, some characters are ‘overly Christian’ or become perfect through quick resolutions and easy fixes to problems.  However, not all is bad here as the writers at least demonstrate a care for realism, even if the plot is sometimes boring and slow.  The ending is a bit forced and rushed, as well as somewhat vague and abrupt.  In the end, it’s clear the writers meant well here, even if the delivery was misguided.

Acting Quality (2 points)

Though this is an ‘amateur’ church cast, the cast members show a lot of potential and desire to do well.  There are plenty of good acting moments as real effort is evident.  The main issue to point out here is that sometimes the cast members appear to be overly practiced in their lines and emotions.  Some cast members could use a little more natural emotion, but as a whole, this film is an applaudable effort.


It’s rare to find a movie this highly rated with such a small budget.  Further, it is clear that this creative team was putting their great effort into making this a good project.  However, it seems like more could have been done in the plot department.  Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see if they produce any more content in the future.


Final Rating: 4.5 out of 10 points



8 thoughts on “A Love That Hurts (Movie Review)

  1. It was a very confusing ending. When Chris walked up to the mother she said Sam was fine, just tired. So we know Sam is alive. She went into the speech about how Chris treated Sam wrong and then went into forgiveness and God’s love. Chris prayed and thanked God for”his” daughter and that he was thankful this pregnancy didn’t end like the rest. I think the baby is Jacob’s and Chris chooses to forgive then and raise the baby as his own. That is my take on it.


    To answer the questions above about the fate of the baby and the father, the last few minutes, the dialog with Chris and his mother, in the hospital, tell it all. OK, you must listen carefully and in all the talk about love, deserved punishment (for Chris!) and Jesus there are these two sentences which tell you what has happened:

    a) the baby lives, it is a girl, and the sentence from Chris:

    b) the baby is very black (Sam has a light black skin, Chris is very white), at least this is what I guess, we never see any baby.
    Sentences from Chris and his mother when looking into the baby room:
    Mother: “…it is so easy to love until this love hurts us, … how much pain Jesus endured because he loved us sooo much…”

    Then, Chris gives a lengthy speech to himself and speaks about love, grace, forgiveness, and that he accepts the result, and that he will accept the child, and will be a good father and husband….
    With that the movie ends (actually, they show the bible text of Romans 5:8)


  3. Did the baby die? Was it Jacob’s? It seems that they left us wondering…the end could have been that he saw no baby…that makes sense to me, because if the baby were Jacob’s, he already knew that could be the case…Does someone know what the ending was?


  4. Agree with all the above reviews! Could not understand the ending which left you confused as to what happened to the baby???


    • Exactly that’s why I’m in the comments to see if somebody can explain the ending. Was it Jacobs baby or was it Chris’s? baby


  5. What happened at the end?!?!?! This was past confusing. It made no sense. Did she have the baby? Did the baby die? Did she die? Was the baby Jacobs? WHAT HAPPENED!?


  6. I liked the movie alot, the plot was good, but the ending was confusing. The words the Mother spoke were unclear as to whether the baby dies, or it was a result of the affair. They don’t show the baby, so I’m disappointed to have watched the entire movie and not know the ending!! I want to know what happened!!!


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