The Refiner’s Fire Series by Lynn Austin: A Light to My Path

A Light to My Path (Refiner's Fire, #3)

A Light to My Path is the third and final installment in Lynn Austin’s landmark Refiner’s Fire Series. Where in the previous novels Austin showed the perspective of two women involved in the Confederate and Union sides of the Civil War, in this novel she tells the story from the perspective of a man and a woman who are bound in the abominable trade of slavery. The novel deals with subjects such as slavery, discrimination, cruelty, adultery, the Civil war, the results of this same war, freedom, captivity, bravery, hope, grief, pain, joy, and more. The opening chapters introduce the reader to the two main characters, Grady and Anna. Anna was born into slavery, yet she always tries to find the joy in life. Grady was born out of wedlock as a result of the pleasure the master finds in Grady’s mother, who is a slave. As a child Anna was spared from working in the fields when Missy Claire, whose parents own the plantation, took a fancy to her personality. Anna is called Kitty by the white people who live in the big house, and is trained to be house slave. On the whole, Anna does not hate the white race, but also does not enjoy her life of servitude. Grady spent his childhood playing with young Caroline (a character in Candle in the Darkness), and is technically not a slave…until his own father, the plantation owner, sells him into slavery. This act leads Grady to his hatred of and bitterness against the white race. Grady is forced to serve a cruel slave trader until Providence smiles upon him and he is gambled away to a kind master. When his new master begins to court Anna’s mistress, Missy Claire, Anna and Grady meet. Grady notices right off the bat that Anna’s mistress treats her like a pet; an animal that can be trained to serve. This fact enrages him…and yet…he is drawn to Anna’s gentle nature. Following the marriage of their owners, Kitty and Grady fall in love. However, they will find that the upcoming war will set the stage for the rebuilding of their broken lives. This is my favorite novel of the series, and I think that if a filmmaker had to pick between the three books, they could make a standalone film out of this novel only. However, I still think that the three books together could make a compelling Christian miniseries. We here at Box Office Revolution continue to long for the day when filmmakers will recognize novels such as these for the potential that they have to be great.

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