The Chosen, Season 1 (April 2019)

Coming to VidAngel & more in April 2019

Go to this link to watch the first season!

Writer(s): Ryan Swanson, Tyler Thompson, Dallas Jenkins

Director(s): Dallas Jenkins

Producer(s): Chad Gunderson, Justin Tolley, Derral Eves, Ricky Ray Butler,
Earl Seals, Matthew Faraci, Dallas Jenkins, Ryan Swanson

Starring: Shahar Issac, Erick Avari, Jonathan Roumie, Paras Patel, Noah James, Elizabeth Tabish

Plot Synopsis: This series will be the first-ever multi-season show about the life of Jesus. Season one – four episodes – will be released in April!


2 thoughts on “The Chosen, Season 1 (April 2019)

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