Glorious [2016] (Movie Review)

Plot Summary

Vince was raised in an abusive household, and he was bullied at school for being small, so when the opportunity presented itself to join a local gang, he jumps at the chance to have power and acceptance.  However, things do not go as planned as he becomes involved in organized crime at a young age, including drugs and murder.  This lands him into juvenile detention multiple times before he reached out to by a Christian ministry that is dedicated to rehabilitating juvenile offenders who are caught in the system.  Vince reluctantly agrees to try out the program, and he has a surprisingly good time, but what he does not know is that his past is still destined to catch up to him.


Production Quality (-1 points)

While it’s very obvious that Glorious is a low-budget small to medium church film, it really didn’t have to be this bad of a production.  For one, camera work is unnecessarily shaky, and there are too many moments of over-driven audio in conjunction with cheap background sound effects.  There are also some very dizzying and disorienting sequences that use ill-advised special effects.  Further, the video has a grainy quality to it, and the soundtrack is very stock.  As for lighting, there are too many very dark scenes; it goes without saying that the editing is quite choppy and confusing.  Unfortunately, in pretty much ever way, this production is very cheap, under-funded, and mismanaged.  There may have been good intentions in this film, but they are too easily missed.

Plot and Storyline Quality (0 points)

Moreover, while the story behind this film seems very interesting, intriguing, and realistic, it is very difficult to ascertain its true meaning due to plot problems that go beyond the production issues.  One of these problems is constant heavy-handed narration that stunts and short-circuits any possibility of having adequate character development.  We have no idea who the real people behind this plot are because we haven’t been given the opportunity to get to know them through dialogue, motives, or real conversations.  The attempts at backstory are noted, but they are unfortunately not good enough.  Large time jumps are another problem area that prevents getting to know the characters and causes flat character arcs.  It’s a shame that this story was so poorly communicated because it seems like it really had a lot going for it.  Maybe we can get a remake one day.

Acting Quality (0 points)

The amateur effort of this film continues in the flat, un-coached acting that demonstrates very forceful lines and emotions.  There are too many scenes of yelling and screaming while other scenes are just lethargic and understated.  While there are some attempts at improvement near the end of the film, it is unfortunately too little too late.  Too many of the performances are awkward and slightly unprofessional, which rounds out a disappointing effort.


Glorious is the ‘best’ negative-point film because even in its shortcomings, it has a ton of potential behind it.  This creative team had the right idea: create a low-budget film using church resources that is based on a realistic true story and put it straight to Amazon Prime.  However, somewhere along the way, production quality and all other elements were greatly neglected.  Somebody dropped the ball on this one, but there is always the possibility of improvement and redemption in the future.  The key is to not give up and to always work to improve from your last film, which is all we really ask for.


Final Rating: -1 out of 10 points



3 thoughts on “Glorious [2016] (Movie Review)

  1. It didn’t matter to me that this Film was low budget. I chose it for the message and the overall theme which was overcoming adversity and acceptance. It really moved me to continue strengthening my faith in God. I am a addict/alcoholic who found God after being arrested. I could relate to so much in this film. I enjoyed every minute of it and I applaud the director, producers, actors and everyone involved with this film in having the courage and motivation to spread this message of faith and acceptance. I hop to see more.


  2. I feel it necessary and dire to THANK YOU tremendously for your Constructive Criticism. I really enjoy reading about negative comments and I especially rejoice in having someone tag me in their article. I would like to respectively read Your name for you would benefit from a writing class as much as I would benefit from an Acting one. Thank you for supporting this wonderful film. Which although low budget and underfunded still can get a powerful message across about Love and Redemption despite the lowly opinions of others. As you mentioned in the article the person in the plot I’m assuming was in real life bullied. So the message is still the same. Acceptance. Love and the power of God to make a difference for the better. It was a pleasure to work with both the director and the entire cast. Yours Truly OLGA CUNNINGHAN. OLGA CUNNINGHAN.


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