The Chronicles of Narnia (Netflix series expected 2019)

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Coming in 2019 from Netflix and eOne

Future Narnia TV series & film information

Writer(s): C.S. Lewis, Matthew Aldrich

Director(s): Joe Johnston?

Producer(s): Douglas Gresham, Mark Gordon, Vincent Sieber

Starring: TBA

Plot Synopsis: 
A series highlighting the contents of C.S. Lewis’ famous The Chronicles of Narnia book series. It is rumored that some of the episodes will be live action, while others will be animated. Netflix plans to build a Narnia universe with Lewis’ books, it is rumored that this adaption will be darker than previous versions.


3 thoughts on “The Chronicles of Narnia (Netflix series expected 2019)

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  2. There are a lot of unconfirmed rumors about this so far, but I would be skeptical of their validity because Netflix can’t make any creative decisions without Douglas Gresham’s approval, and we’ve yet to see proof that he is involved in this alleged process.

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    • I stand corrected of my previous assumption 🙂 The good news is that Douglas Gresham has retained his usual creative control over this project, and I’m actually glad this is happening. A correctly produced Narnia series on streaming would be epic, and this is the first step towards bringing quality Christian content to on-demand streaming, which is the future of Christian entertainment.


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