Heavenly Deposit (May 2019)

Christian Movies 2019 Heavenly Deposit

Coming to theaters May 28, 2019

Writer(s): George Vincent

Director(s): Rick Irvin, George Vincent

Producer(s): Athena Boulgarides, Andy Gellert, Amit Gupta, Rick Irvin, Sung Lee, Lyndsay Lowe, Louie Mandrapilias, Wendy J. Nelson, Christy Teichmann, George Vincent, George Zouvelos

Starring: John Savage, Barry Van Dyke, Ella Joyce, Peter Jason, Meredith Thomas, Frank Ashmore, Benjamin Onyango, Alisa Reyes, Bonnie Hellman, Chalet Lizette Brannan

Plot Synopsis: Thanks to his father’s death when he was a young boy, Peter doesn’t believe in God. Fast-forward a few years, and he’s a struggling actor who just can’t catch a break — until an encounter with the divine rocks his entire world.


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