Joseph: King of Dreams (Movie Review)

Plot Summary

This movie tells the story of Joseph in the Bible. When Joseph receives more attention and a special gift from his parents. His ten brothers hate him even more than they already did and after the dreams that Joseph told his brothers about them. They decide to sell him to desert merchants, who take him to Egypt. There he is made the servant of the wealthy Egyptian (Potiphar). Who eventually has Joseph thrown into prison because he mistakes him for insulting his wife. Joseph then shows his God-given gift by interpreting the dreams of two other prisoners. Eventually, the Pharaoh begins to be plagued by dreams, and sends for Joseph, who interprets them and saves Egypt in the process. He is made second in command to Pharaoh. Eventually his brothers arrive in Egypt and Joseph must decide if he is going to forgive them.

Production Quality (3 points)

This movie has very good production quality being that it is very similar to its predecessor The Prince of Egypt, in music quality and animation quality. It is yet another rare well done animated Bible based film from Dreamworks back in the early two-thousands. It does a good job of portraying this great Bible story through well constructed scenes and musical numbers. One especially creative aspect is how it creatively portrays Joseph’s dreams and flashbacks with artistic flare. Therefore this is yet another rare animated Bible film where it is actually good quality. While also not treating kids or whoever is watching like they are stupid. Hence it receives the above rating.

Plot and Storyline Quality (2.5 points)

Surprisingly enough Dreamworks was actually able to stay spot on to genuine story of Joseph in Genesis. They do move through the story quickly so some minor parts are skipped. However, this is only due to how much time they have to work with in the film. They do add a few scenes here and there concerning what Joseph’s activities as a slave could have entailed. However, this is no great issue concerning the plot. For the most part though the plot and storyline is very good except for a few historical discrepancies. Which is why it receives the above rating.

Acting Quality (3 points)

The acting quality in this film is yet again very well done, considering that the actors do a very good job of portraying emotion and skill. This is because this film has a very distinguished cast. If only most live action christian films had this quality of acting the christian film industry would be in a very different place than it is currently. Therefore there are no problems to mention in this area of the film.


In conclusion Joseph: King of Dreams is a must see for the whole family of all ages. Which is definitely what we here at BoxOfficeRevolution hope to accomplish with this page. To seek out Christian animated films that can be watched by all ages and actually teach people something while not treating it like their are dumb. For their are certainly a lot of those sort of films out there.

Final Rating 8.5 out of 10 points


2 thoughts on “Joseph: King of Dreams (Movie Review)

  1. I find it ironic that a secular studio makes better Christian animated films than Christian studios. Its kind of funny in that not funny way, if you know what I mean.


    • Yes it is very true, we really need better production companies making Christian animated films. As well as live action films for that matter:)! Thanks for reading!


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