Sons of Thunder (coming in 2019)

Sons of Thunder Poster

A Pureflix Original Series coming to in 2019

Writer(s): TBA

Director(s): Loren F. Gilley, Sam Medina, Gabriel Sabloff

Producer(s): J.B. Barrett, Michael Kruger, Randal Reeder, Anna Zielinski
Kimberley Bliquez, Martin Elfrey, Katherine Elseth

Starring: Randal Reeder, Don Swayze, Vanessa Angel, Martin Elfrey
Susan Gallagher, Rex Mundo, Claire Seneca, Tom Zembrod, Deke Anderson
GiGi Erneta, Sam Medina, Ned Yousef, Anna Zielinski, Gerald Brodin
Jeffrey Decker, Jesse Gallegos, Creek Wilson, Adam Cope, Benjamin Schile
Amanda Joy Erickson, Grady McCardell, Michael P. Collier, Ziya Farajzada, Donna Morrell Gafford

Plot Synopsis: The series follows a combat vet who travels across the country to find the owner of a mysterious bag. Along the way God gives him a mission to help others.

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