Fearless Faith (2020?)

Coming in 2020?

Writer(s): Mark E. McCann, Kevin Rushing

Director(s): Kevin Rushing

Producer(s): Chuck Howard, Kevan Otto, Brandon Riley, Keith Rushing, Tim Warren

Starring: Erin Bethea, Ben Davies, Jason Burkey, Deborah Tucker, Benjy Gaither, Todd Terry, Chance Gibbs, Keith Rushing, Scott Fulmer, Chris Alan Evans, James R. Frey, Sean Morehead, Ben Graham

Plot Synopsis: The life of a respected sheriff’s deputy spirals out of control as he questions God’s will after witnessing his partner gunned down by an unknown assailant … then is confronted by a staggering truth. Can faith carry him through?

21 thoughts on “Fearless Faith (2020?)

  1. Can’t wait to see Ben Davies, Erin Bethea and Jason Burkey on screen together. Hope Ben Davies is in lots of action scenes.


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  3. I was a runner in this movie… I was there all but two days of the filming… I had a lot of fun watching how a movie is made…I saw where this movie will be released May 7… where can you watch it at…
    Cathey Feazel


  4. I was an “extra” on the set of the church scene. The slain deputy’s wife and son sat right in front me.The sermon was presented by a relative of Rev.Billy Graham, Ben Graham, who did a great job of presenting a memorial message to the family. While filming the movie, to me there was a lot of confusion, but when the film producers put the movie together, it will have a positive message! It was a pleasure to be an “extra”, helping the movie crew produce a film with a inspiring message about true “Faith” in the Lord.


  5. I worked on this film as an extra. Apparently I won’t be working on any more films with this company because they never did pay me for the 3 days and countless hours of working. I am and was an insulin dependent person while doing this movie and had to slip my meds to be be in production. It is really sorry of a faith based movie group to ignore the extras who showed up and worked.



    • We are so sorry that this happened to you. It is completely unacceptable for those who claim the name of Christ to treat others with such neglect. Thank you for sharing your experience with us and for your dedication to the Christian filmmaking cause!


    • Good morning, Mary Ellen. While I was a writer on the project, I did not get the opportunity to participate in the actual production. I will forward your complaint to the producer. Which scenes were you in? Was it a volunteer-type scenario or were you promised wages? I was absolutely heartbroken I didn’t get to attend, but conflicts in my work schedule prevented me from being there. I would have gladly spent the whole two weeks helping out! Oh, well… maybe next time. God bless!


  6. This is a poignant, no-holds-bard tale of a cop who has lost his faith after the death of his partner and by seeing the horrors of police work night after night. It It profoundly addresses the age-old question of why God lets bad things happen to good people. It was written, produced, and directed by former or current law enforcement officers.


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