The Chosen, Season 1.2 (November 2019)

Coming to VidAngel November 2019 (Thanksgiving Week)

Go to this link to watch the first part of Season 1!

Writer(s): Ryan Swanson, Tyler Thompson, Dallas Jenkins

Director(s): Dallas Jenkins

Producer(s): Chad Gunderson, Justin Tolley, Derral Eves, Ricky Ray Butler,
Earl Seals, Matthew Faraci, Dallas Jenkins, Ryan Swanson

Starring: Shahar Issac, Erick Avari, Jonathan Roumie, Paras Patel, Noah James, Elizabeth Tabish

Plot Synopsis: The second half the groundbreaking new series’ first season follows Jesus and His disciples during the early days his earthly ministry before leaving Capernaum.

One thought on “The Chosen, Season 1.2 (November 2019)

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