Clancy Once Again (Movie Review)

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Plot Summary

If you thought that Clancy ended where the title character died, you thought wrong (unless this head-scratching sequel is actually a long dream). After they appeared to be on the right track with Reading Kate, husband-and-wife film-making duo Jefferson and Kelly Worthington Moore have create an unnecessary follow-up to a film no one really remembers about characters the audience can’t connect with. In this sequel, Nick Best and Clancy are back to…do things…like get involved in street fighting (see copyrighted photo above) and usurp the rule of law because they feel like it. Beyond that, it’s hard to pinpoint what this movie’s actually about.

Production Quality (1 point)

As a fairly recent production, we should be seeing Moore more from Kelly’s Filmworks than this. While they have a flair for some creative camera angles and establishing shots at times, there are too many dark scenes in this film as well as a lot of silent portions that lack adequate soundtrack support. While video quality is mostly fine, sets, locations, and props are somewhat limited in scope, which doesn’t really hold the attention well. The most glaring problems that negatively affect the entire viewing experience relate to the high amount of long, drawn-out sequences that reflect lazy editing and a desperation to squeeze runtime from the thin amount of movie content. As a whole, while this production isn’t glaringly bad, it’s just not enough coming from a film outfit that’s produced more than five movies, especially since the field has higher production standards these days.

Plot and Storyline Quality (1 point)

The sole point given to this plot is only because of the hilarious exchange between the two main characters about Hallmark cards and Fakebook. Otherwise, there’s nothing to offer here. After the riveting opening sequence about the previous movie’s events, which appears to suggest Clancy Once Again is actually an alternate ending for the first one or some kind of dream sequence epilogue within the former film, this rendition of the uninteresting Clancy story is full of awkwardly useless conversations and complete with a cheesy villain return subplot. As it desperately grasps for content and purpose amidst a confused landscape and forced premise, unrealistic happenings move things along in order to create an unnecessary suspense feel. Full of coincidences and convenient turns, Clancy Once Again advocates for vigilante citizens taking matters into their own hands rather than trying to wait for the authorities. Obviously, there may be a time and place for this type of action, but the reasons behind it in this film are absurd. When all else fails to keep the runtime above ninety minutes, recycled footage from the first film everybody forgot about is right there to extend your viewing experience. In the end, there’s little else to be said except that this is the most unnecessary sequel in the history of unnecessary sequels (and there’s lots of those).

Acting Quality (1 point)

Jefferson Moore’s unusual preoccupation with Christina Fougnie continues in Clancy Once Again, and her acting skills have not improved with age. In this film, she comes off as even more full of herself as her line delivery is shrill and her emotional expressions are off-putting. Other cast members are bland and vanilla with Moore taking on his usual persona, which wouldn’t be all that bad if he actually had lines to work with. Most cast members seem to be phoning in their performances. One standout issue with this section is noticeably bad makeup throughout the whole cast (but most notably on Fougnie). In the end, this rounds out a subpar film lost in a growing sea of Christian movies that’s leaving the old guard behind.


Jefferson and Kelly were on the right track with Reading Kate, but they’ve lost their way again with a useless sequel to a boring film no one cared about in the first place. Where are they headed as movie creators? It’s hard to say, but they certainly won’t accept dissent or any constructive criticism. They do have experience and some production\writing skills to bring to the table, but they will only find true success in a collaborative environment. However, we somehow doubt this will ever happen since they’ve been content to operate on their own all these years. Thus, whatever talent they have will likely continue to go to waste.

Final Rating: 3 out of 10 points


34 thoughts on “Clancy Once Again (Movie Review)

  1. I watched both Clancy and Clancy again. But l don’t understand how Clancy came back to life.
    Although l like both movies.
    I have also watched Pieces of Easter. Now that movie is the funniest l have ever seen.


    • I think the guy that reviewed this movie is an idiot. He attacks the original and the following movie probably because he’s just like I said sn idiot


    • Well if you watched it, then you seen them bringing her out of it as Nick watched through the window. I knew that after watching Clancy there was no way in the world they weren’t going to make a ” what if” version.
      I knew the perfect ending would have to be with calling him Dad.
      I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a Clancy 3 . .
      I own three 3 movies. Clancy, CLancy Once again , and Let me In.
      Of course the last one is completely different from Clancy but, it’s good movie.


  2. I loved both movies. It was great seeing a young girls view on why bad things happen, even to good people. She kept her faith in God through all the things she went through.


  3. Not all stories are going to be the same Sust but my Wife and I enjoy your work Mr Moore and God Bless.


  4. Everyone on here making comments about Clancy Once again being lame or cheesy how bout y’all try writing a movie or something n lets see how y’all do
    Writing movies and etc isn’t something that’s just easy to do and it’s a lot involved when it comes to it


    • Exactly, it is not easy at all to make a movie! Which is why most low budget movies like this one need a lot of work done (and possibly scrapped entirely:) before release is a possibility.


    • I loved the movie Clancy . Only a fool would bash it. Or an atheist. Either way you can’t blame them for their opinion afterall ,,, they probably have a hard time seeing it or understanding it since they have their heads stuck up their butts.


  5. Soooooo what is the main objective here? Does Clancy actually die and this whole movie is the character imagining what might have happened or is Clancy actually alive and this whole movie is a waste?


  6. Honestly what is happening in this movie? I think that the reviewer was actually pretty nice towards this film. It’s like everyday you think surely Christian movies are gonna get better! Only to find movies like this. Christian movie makers need to stop being writer, director, producer, and starring in their own films! It will never work out right!

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  7. This movie has a weird vibe about it. There’s a weird relationship with the two main characters. There’s also a lot of cheap scenes.


  8. The strength of Kelly’s films is the intriguing dialogue. Our family enjoyed the first Clancy movie and watched it a number of times.

    I’ll never forget the conversation between Clancy and the store owner about how to resolve a loving Heavenly Father and human suffering. Powerful point!

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    • This film does contain some humorous dialogue, along with an attempt at a creative plot twist near the end. However, these pros are overshadowed by the many bizarre happenings in the film – the corny streetfighting sequences and the confusing storyline are an example. As a result, any memorable dialogue is forgotten while audiences laugh at scenes that aren’t intended to be funny.


      • Yeah I agree, Kelly’s Film works has a lot of interesting ideas but it’s always like the movie is partially finished.


    • I know right and how about that picture of ME!! I’ve got a ripped up shirt some bruise makeup and a petulant attitude toward everything!!!!

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      • I quite liked the movie thank you Kelly productions for working hard to make clean entertainment for my family. I actually quite liked Nick as a character. God bless.


      • I liked it Jefferson Moore
        Just didn’t get the sequel at first compared to the last movie but I thought it was good overall


        • That’s nice to hear Halle! My advice to you would be first of all, don’t give up! Secondly, be yourself and write from your own perspective. Finally, it sometimes helps to get a second opinion on your work. This is something I wish I would’ve realized a long time ago on my projects. Although I do sometimes amuse myself with arranging such little elegant stories. I always wish to give them as unstudied an air as possible though. Hope this advice helps in some small way!

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          • Maybe u can help me and be my guide
            I got some old documents that I saved from when I was just writing and just seein what I could do


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