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Calling all writers and authors!

If you’re interested in a chance to be published as a guest contributor on Box Office Revolution, submit a writing sample to! You can write about any topic relating to the Christian entertainment world whether it’s about something you’d like to see happen, an opinion you have regarding something that’s already happened, or trends you’ve noticed in the field. We also welcome expert, insider takes on the nuts and bolts of the industry from producing, filming, directing, writing, and acting standpoints!

We look forward to hearing from you!


6 thoughts on “Submit Your Blog Ideas!

  1. One movie that I think you would enjoy reviewing would be A Vow to Cherish (1999) that stars Barbara Babcock and Ken Howard.


  2. I watched Belle and the Beast several times and I loved it. Yes, it’s a typical plot, but I thought the acting was fine, Yes, it did remind me of a Hallmark type movie. I never got a hint of Mormonism? Mormons have The Book of Mormon and I might be wrong, but they don’t read the regular version of the bible? Call me old fashioned, but I like movies that are not all f…words and fighting and all of that…


  3. I was reading a review of one of the movies you feel does not display the image you would like to include in inspiration/faith based genre. Personally I loved the movie and it was a movie that my family could watch together. Your review was your opinion and you can write as you please. However, the wording of your review did not display what you are looking to achieve. If you are looking to inspire others you need to critique other’s movies in a different tone. Whether you agree or disagree with the wording, lighting, or ideas you could speak about the movie without such harsh criticism. I researched your site and it appears to be one who wants to inspire others not to discourage them. Sometimes these movies from a variety of different movie companies may not have box office qualities, however they are trying to inspire or show how faith can change lives.
    I was unable to find any form of contact on your website so I posted here. Thank you!


  4. What an extremely tacky review of ‘The Least of These.’ This movie was very well done, kept my attention throughout, got the messages across beautifully, flowed well from scene to scene, and the actors were believable and real! It sounds like instead of listening to the messages brought home in this amazing movie, the critic was looking for ways to be critical. I loved it enough to buy two copies, and am recommending it to others. God bless all that contributed to this movie, that changed me forever, in helping me to really learn how to forgive.


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